What the Wenches Are Reading

Barrons is irresistible when reading!

 You're going to notice a definite theme running through almost all of the Wenches' reading choices this week. Let's not give away the surprise...click through to see what we're reading this week. Are you with us, Saucy Reader? Share your book choices in the comments below.

Amanda: I am drowning in the Fever world again with the release of Burned by Karen Marie Moning. I love it, I'm obsessed with it, I need to finish this book so I can get back to living my life! It is Oh, SO, Goooood. 

Angela: This week I read Burned by KMM. It is my least favorite in the series, but still plenty of nuggets of information dropped to make me interested in the direction of the next book.

Anne: I think I might be the only Wench who didn't read Burned this week. I want to re-read Iced first, there's a lot I don't remember. I read some Supernatural fanfic while I wait for Bound by Flames on Tuesday! Oh, I also finished Insurgent and started Allegiant. Any suggestions for my next audio book?

Barb: Burned. I devoured Burned, which was every bit as spectacular as we've come to expect from KMM. I had so many questions, so many references to Iced that I didn't remember, that I've recommitted to rereading it. I'm pretty sure I'll reread Burned when I finish that. Maybe then I'll have gotten Fever out of my system. Again. Did I mention it was fantastic?

Care: I think I'm the only one around not reading Burned right now. But, since Iced couldn't keep me, I wasn't going to get involved in the hubbub for Burned. Instead, I've been up to my eyeballs planning out a new school year, reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my 6yo, and Polgara the Sorceress for me. If you need any suggestions on middle-school-aged physics, though, I'm your gal.  o.O

Donna: This week I read Burned by Karen Marie Moning (shocker!). I thought it was brilliant. Ms. Moning has shown us once again she is the queen of the urban fantasy genre. My head is still spinning!

Kathi: This week I reread Iced, so all the stories and characters were fresh in my mind, and then I read Burned! I loved being back in Dublin with Mac, Barrons, Dani, Ryodan, Lor, Christian, the Unseelie King, the sidhe-seers, and the richly unpredictable world they inhabit. I loved the new insights into the characters and the crazy plot twists and turns. As much as I’d like to read it again right now, I’m returning to the Chicagoland Vampires, because I didn’t get very far into reading the second half of the series on my vacation and I’m highly motivated to finish. I’m now reading Biting Bad, and it’s the first time I’ve read these later CLV books, so I’m really excited!  
Merit: I'm on vacation, but I managed to read almost half of Burned on the flight over, and I am so captivated and intrigued by the story. Now I have to wait for the flight back to read the other half. 

Zee: Burned. That's it. I've been unable to move on from the Feververse. I might have read it around thrice. Then read Iced. Probably going back to Darkfever. And giving the Highlander series a go. And then Burned again. I'm useless for all else for the foreseeable future. See my review here.

Check out Burned on Goodreads here.


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