Quote of the Day

"I love you, Merit. You are my future, and I intend to make certain you--and the rest of the world--know that, when the time is right. Why does it surprise you so much?"

I struggled to put the emotion into words. "It's not surprise at you. It's not doubt. It's just--it's blossomed so fast. Four hundred years of dating, and you've made up your mind about me so quickly." 


"I made up my mind because we fit," he said, reaching out to take my hand, to squeeze it. "You make me better, and I like to think I do the same for you."

I thought of the awkward human, then vampire, I'd been, and the slightly less awkward vampire I was becoming. "It's just--you were very unexpected."

"That's because you'd only explored one half of yourself, Sentinel. I merely gave you the chance to blossom. To be the person you were always meant to become."

Tears rushed into my eyes, and I knuckled them away. "Damn it, Ethan. How do you come up with things like that?"

"I keep a notebook. I intend to make you mine, Sentinel. Not just for tonight, or for tomorrow, or for the decade. For eternity. And I'll have my ring on your finger. I'll have the world know that you're mine. I suggest you get used to the idea."

With a frisson of excitement speeding my heart, I decided I'd find a way to adapt.

Blood Games
~~Chloe Neill


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