Fangirl Friday : Stephen Colbert

I was pretty sure I wanted to either do a post on Colbert, or Tolkien, this week. I've been feeling pretty sad about The Colbert Report ending lately, and the last Hobbit movie made me pretty weepy. So I thought about it for a while (it almost came to a point where I was going to do a post on what a huge Tolkien fan Colbert is...) and decided to make Stephen Colbert the topic of my Fangirl Friday post, as a sort of farewell to his amazing legacy. 

So click through the jump for a lot of Colbert fangirling! And not much else.

When I first heard The Colbert Report was ending, for good, I was inconsolable. I'm not saying this lightly, I think the show is irreplaceable. So that explains my sadness at the thought of never hearing Colbert talk current affairs in character.

I mean, how can you not love this guy? Conservative crazy character and all? 

He found the most effective way to poke fun at crazy right-wingers--he became one of them.

It was brilliant. It was hilarious. It was magical. And it had international appeal. (One of the most watched US late shows globally.)

Who else could have on such a wide array of guests? From Kermit:

To Obama, who took over a segment for him (also one of the best episodes to date.)

To pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.AMAZING actor who had ever been in Peter Jackson's Tolkien movies. 

Not to mention his epic friendship (frenemy-ship?) with none other than THE Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Where Colbert first popped up on everyone's radars as a correspondent.

These two.
Out of character:

Not crying. 

Or in character:

That time they did a sexy shoot with their other awesome pal, Steve Carell.

As a side note--him and Steve Carell. (We still miss Even Stevphen.)

Or that time Jon and Stephen had that insane fight with Conan O'Brien. (Why can't we be friends with them and their friends?)

We loved pretty  much ANY interaction between these two comedic giants. (and their wide assortment of friends.)

Very nice. We love.

Not to mention the loyalty and faith these two seem to have in each other. It's heartwarming. 

Also, A+ for Silence Of The Lambs ref.
Did anyone else cry when Jon was on The Colbert Report before it went off air? I did. Like a baby. 
I'm not crying. You're crying.
All those times he proved he was still just one of us. 

And he shipped it just as hard as we did. (Hashtag OTP.)

Mulder & Scully Forever. 
Seriously though, one of us.

Just one of the reasons
 books are great.
And he fangirled over the same people.

Who doesn't!?
The fact that he is possibly one of the greatest living Tolkien fans. (Ever since I found out, I've thought we could be the bestest of friends.) Since that time Viggo was on The Daily Show.

Gif set here.
That time he sent in video fanmail to Peter Jackson himself. (And was a total know it all! Hah!)

Geeky is the new sexy. Actually, geeky has always been sexy. But my point is: I do need to fan myself whenever Stephen goes all knowledgeable geek on us.
That time he CRUSHED a cocky James Franco at Tolkien trivia. I mean, come on Franco.

How great Hobbit week was. 

I mean, I can just see him in The Shire.

The Entertainment Weekly photo shoot where he gets to dress up as Legolas, Gandalf, and Bilbo. Dream.come.true.
Nice blade.
Sexy elf.
Also, he is THE only interviewer who got a shot at interviewing Smaug. Yes. That Smaug. 

And folks, he was IN The Hobbit movies, forget the whole being on set thing, he's IN IT. (Also bonus points for Marvel giving him Captain America's shield. The Hobbit themed photoshoot. And all the awesome swords he seems to have.) ALL HAIL KING COLBERT.

No one else will ever be able to play a narcissistic, self absorbed, deliberately obtuse, conservative YET likable political pundit (and one percenter) like Stephen did.  

Ah, the ego. 

And the ignorance. It's like he had walked out of the Fox News building in a huff of self righteousness right before every show. 

The same inability to listen to reason and fact. Or just listen.

The buckets of wisdom that came from right wing politicians that sounded even better when he said them on our television screens. (And by better, I mean even more ridiculous.)

It makes perfect sense. 
All the crazy and wonderful Obama theories. 

Thanks, Obama.
And the irrefutable science behind those claims. Haha. 

That's what I learned in Med School.
He had a knack for tackling topics a lot of people found uncomfortable. And comedy is a GREAT way to start some conversations. Even when you use Fox and Friends' talking points to get them across (in satire...not in real life.. God no.)

You don't say.
One day! 
 All the lovely, convenient truths.

All the wisdom.

Asking all the right questions.

All the barely disguised, yet epic, (and filthy) insults. 

What can I say? Is there anybody like him? He totally deserved that applause every single night. 

What do you say judges?

It's a yes from me.

Bonus : he loves kittens. UNF!

Just like his bestie, Jon. (Sorry. HAD to sneak this into the post.)

And puppies.
*double sigh*
And eagles, duh. The most American of birds. (Those pistachio commercials are hilarious.)
Sorry, that's Freedom Eagle.
We will miss you, Steven. But we are SO happy for you! You will be GREAT! (I mean, duh, you're great at everything you set out to do!) 

You shall have it.
I'm going to end with a quote I found on tumblr. Which really just goes to show what an all around amazing guy he's always been.
"Many years ago, I worked as an intern at The Daily Show…One afternoon, Stephen Colbert came in to the office…As he walked past me at my cubicle, he stopped and said, “You’re a new face, what’s your name?” I didn’t know what to really say, so I replied, “Oh, I’m just an intern.” Colbert looked at me a moment and then said: “Just an intern? Hey, look, everybody starts somewhere. I was just an understudy at one point, but that’s just a point in time. It’s not about where you are now, or even where you hope to go, it’s who you are that matters. I’m Stephen, who are you?” I introduced myself and we shook hands. “Don’t let your place in the world dictate who you are to anyone. We all have the same merit.” Then he was gone, but his words lingered." - Devin Klos       (From this tumblr.)
Readers, I hope you'll forgive me for all the gifs. I couldn't stop once I started. But really, is there ever such a thing as too many gifs? Especially when they're of the amazing, incomparable, lovely Stephen Colbert? I didn't think so. 

While watching old episodes.
His tweet after the last episode.

*ALL gifs belong to their makers from tumblr. 


  1. OMG Zee, this was amazing!! I LOVE Stephen!! I'll miss him sooooooo much!!

    1. Thanks!!! I KNOW!!! It just won't be the same without him!

  2. awww this is lovely. :')


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