What the Wenches Are Reading


There seems to be a lot of rereading going on this week! Outlander, Night Huntress, Hunger Games, and The Help are all getting repeat visits this week, while a few Wenches are reading new-to-us books. 

Click through to see who's reading old favorites, and who's trying something new. And don't forget to tell us what you're reading, in the comments below!

Amanda: I'm still reading Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh. It's been slow going, but it's very good.

Angela: Finished Drums of Autumn (Outlander #4) by Diana Gabaldon and absolutely loved it. I'm taking a break before I read The Fiery Cross though.

Anne: I finished Catching Fire and LOVED the movie as well. But I haven't decided on what I'm going to read next yet. My Dad recommended The Book Thief, so I might pick that up. We'll see!

Barbara: I'm still on One Foot in the Grave this week. Considering how quickly I flew through these books the first two or three (or four!) times I read them, it's interesting, and a little odd, to read them at such a slow pace. I'm glad I've given myself plenty of time before the bittersweet release of the final Cat & Bones book in January.

Beta: I went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last Saturday and loved it. I hadn't read any of the books, so I was dying to know what happens after that and how the story goes. So the next day I didn't do any of the things I had planned for that day, but dived straight into reading Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. And wow, it was really good.... in a very heartbreaking, haunting, intense way.

Care: This week went by in a bit of a blur. I picked up and devoured S.E. Jakes's Bound By Honor. I haven't hit the reread yet, but I enjoyed it enough to WANT to reread, so I'm calling it a winner! I think I've told y'all how skittish I am about reading things not recommended specifically for me, right? That makes this book extra good for me — a good book I picked up out of the blue!

Kat:  I'm continuing my Hunger Games reread this week, and I just started Mockingjay!! Love this series so much, and Katniss is awesome!!! She's up there with MacKayla Lane in my all-time-favorite female kick-ass characters, for sure.

Kathi: Still...thoroughly immersed in my reread of Drums of Autumn. Gobbling up lots of photos and juicy tweets from the set of the Outlander TV series, developing a deeper appreciation for period Scottish clothing and traditions, enjoying seeing glimpses of my favorite characters "coming to life" on the screen. My reading time is blissfully happy.

Merit: I didn't want it to end, I tried to read as slowly as possible, but I couldn't stop reading. This week I read World After by Susan Ee, the thrilling sequel to Angelfall. I guess my review could be like this: omg, aghh, omg, squee!! But anyway, this sequel is just as beautifully gruesome as the first one. Penryn is looking for her sister Paige, and Raffe is looking for his wings. The story is packed full of action and horror, tension, great characters, and imagination at its best. The romance is kept minimal, but so perfect. This was an awesome read!

Natalie: Hello, Wench Readers! Well, last week I did manage to finish my reread of The Help, and I enjoyed it as much this time as I did the time before. I won't have time to read this week, as I have to get the bulk of my work week in early because we have our Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. I'm excited to see family, and so reading will be put to the side. Hope you have a great holiday for those here in the States, and a great rest of the week for those elsewhere!

Shau: I'm reading Alice Clayton Wallbanger. I know it's not my usual choice, but I really liked the quote of the day Merit used from this book so I decided to read it. It's really funny and cute, a nice way to spend a few free moments.

Veronica: I've been reading the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price. The books feature Victor Bayne, a psychic detective who sees and talks to dead people. Makes solving crimes a bit more convenient, except that it kind of sucks to have ghosts infringing upon your space everywhere you go. I just read a scene where Victor meets a member of his boyfriend's family who happens to be missing an arm. Gives a whole new meaning to "phantom limb pain." What if the missing limb in question really were a phantom? And had a mind of its own? Said limb's nonverbals might completely give away your emotional state or contradict what you are saying. Makes for an interesting interaction, to say the least.

Zee: So I will admit to, once again, putting away The Name of the Wind for something else. It's not that I'm not enjoying the book, I really am. But it's making me sad, and I need something a bit happier right now. So I tried something new. An audiobook. I've tried them before, but find them to be REALLY slow and time consuming, and the narrators I've come across before haven't been too great. This time, it was something I'd been saving for a while. The Stone Rose, a Doctor Who book, narrated by David freaking Tennant himself. Let me tell you something, that man is an AMAZING narrator. Honestly... just amazing. It took way longer than it should have to finish the story, but I enjoyed every second of it! Worth every penny!


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