Fangirl Fridays – Lords of the Underworld

Well, I stumbled onto Gena Showalter's wonderful Lords of the Underworld series by accident, and the rest is history.

I know, by the looks of it there A LOT of books in this series. But don't despair, they are too fun, hot, swoon worthy, and sexy to be boring!

So you might wonder where one starts describing her excitement over so many books?? In my opinion, it's best to go with the first one and move on to the rest, if necessary. But, you'll say, „She's crazy!! She's not going to describe all these books?!?! Is she?!“

Don't worry! I'll just give you the basics! I don't want to spoil the naughty treat for you! After the jump, I'll try to explain why I am such a fan of this series...

Before we start, here is a link to Gena Showalter’s page, where you can go to find out more about all these great books.

The creation of the Lords
Source: gslordsita
You see, the head God on Mt. Olympus, Zeus, had created these immortal warriors. They were to serve him and obey him in all wishes. One day, he gave a very important task to one of the warriors, Pandora — to guard a box of great importance, but not to open it. The other warriors were jealous of Pandora; she was a girl and was given such an important task. So they tricked her, stole the box, and opened it. Then all shit broke loose. The box contained demons, and these demons escaped because the warriors were foolish and prideful.

Zeus found a way to contain the demons and punish the warriors at the same time — two birds with one stone, one might say. He gave each warrior a demon to keep. And thus, Lords of the Underworld were created. Maddox was paired with Violence, Lucien was paired with Death, Reyes with Pain, Sabin with Doubt, Gideon with Lies, Paris with Promiscuity, Strider with Defeat, Kane with Disaster, Torin with Disease, Cameo with Misery, Aeron with Wrath, and Amun with Secrets.

Demons possessed them, mind and body, and wreaked havoc (blood, mayhem, gore, and all) on the population for a very long time. It took each lord a lot of strength to gain control of his/her demon. But they did cause pain for centuries, so a group of humans calling themselves Hunters prey on them and try to kill them.

In the meantime, the Olympians were overthrown by the Titans and there is a new boss in town, Cronus. Who, like his predecessor, cares only about himself and might or might not be a friend to our hotties. Furthermore, the Hunters, a group that was supposed to protect, turned into something quite malicious and wrong. On top of all that, Lords found out that there are magical objects out there that can kill them (permanently), and they set out to find these objects before they fall into the hands of their enemies.

So what's each book about??
On one hand, each book is about one of the Lords. On the other, their stories are interconnected through the books. Each can stand on its own, but I think they can be appreciated even better as a series.

We see them trying to save their own lives, but also trying to fix their private lives, and realizing that through friendship and love they can find happiness. They are constantly navigating Olympic politics and are always fighting the Hunters. Not to mention hell, angels, and other demon-possessed Olympians and titans. Often, it's difficult to tell who’s a friend and who's a foe.

Why read these??
Well, they are just so damn entertaining and fun to spend your time with. You think you won't be able to read so many books!? Trust me, they make the time fly by. There are cool battles, hot men, cool kick-ass women, sexy sexy times (often), funny dialogue, and well known mythological and historical characters you'll enjoy with a brand new twist.

Additional information!!
The next book in the series is called THE DARKEST TOUCH!! It’s about Torin!! YAY!! It's due out on the 25th November 2014.

There is a spin-off series called Angels from the Dark, which started with the short story, The Darkest Angel. There are three books out so far (well, a short story and two books, and the third is scheduled to be released on the 29th April 2014). Click here for more on these juicy babies.

All this hotness on paper is making me...

If this were a book review, I'd rate this series Awesomesauce!!

Well, Saucy Readers, have you discovered the Lords yet? Are you as big a fan as I am? Or are you tempted to pick up these books and get to know them? I hope you will share your comments.


  1. Great post Shau! And a good reminder for me, I read the first 2 books in the series, The Darkest Night and The Darkest Kiss a couple of years ago, I promised myself to read more, but with so many books around, didn't go back to this series, one day...

  2. I know, it's seems to be a daunting task. But a book at a time and you'll finish in no time. :D


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