What the Wenches are Reading


Lots of Wenches are vacationing this week, but some of us have found the time to get some reading done, and to share what we’re reading. Click through to find out what’s keeping us from paying attention to our real lives this week.

Amanda:  I’m still on A Clash of Kings by GRRM. I need to step up my reading. However, I must confess...I love them so much that I don’t want them to ever end!

Anne: I’m still moving along through the Cut & Run series. And, I think I’m going to start up audio books on my commute again. I’m thinking the Harry Potter series. The audio books, with Jim Dale as the narrator, are fantastic. I’ve listened to only the last two books, but they were wonderful. Oh Oh! And I’m stoked about Biting Bad one week from today!!!

Angela: Donna just made me super excited that she is loving The Night Angel Trilogy.  It really is an amazing series. I am up to Ever After by Kim Harrison. Yes, the last book published. It has been a great ride, and I’m kind of sad I will now have to wait for the next book. Rachel Morgan is the number one UF female now for me!!!!

Barbara: I started my careful, note-taking reread of Biting Bad for my review, but I didn’t get very far. I’m not sure why, since I absolutely loved the book. Maybe it was too much UF/PNR awesome, what with devouring the excellent Fifth Grave Past the Light as well. So anyway, I decided to take a palate-cleansing smut break and reread Belong to Me by Shayla Black, then started Stranger by Megan Hart. Megan Hart’s books are just outstanding books that you can’t classify. A perfect way to let go of the last world so that I can move on to the next one. I’ll be finishing the BB reread and writing up my review for Monday!

Donna: Wench Angela has gotten me hooked on the The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. Check out her post from last week. I finished Perfect Shadow and immediately downloaded Shadow’s Edge. I haven’t been this obsessed with a book series in a long time. This world and these characters have really gotten under my skin. I have a feeling this series will continue to haunt me long after I’ve finished the last page of Book 3, Beyond the Shadows. Even though I’m only about a quarter of the way through Book 2, I’ve a feeling I’ll be well on my way through the conclusion by this time next week. If you are looking for something different, and you like fantasy a la Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings, I’d highly recommend giving these books a try. Thanks, Angela!

Kathi: I’m reading Cooked by Michael Pollan and absolutely loving it. I can’t believe how much I’m learning and how deeply it resonates with me. He finds such a unique perspective from which to approach his subjects and an unusual framework for many of his books. They might sound dry, but don’t be fooled—he’s a very entertaining writer!

Merit: A friend sent me an e-book that I have mixed feeling about, Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes. I guess it’s a popular theme these days. An everyday girl meets this hot enigmatic billionaire, she can’t resist him, he is dominating, the sex is wild, etc. The beginning made me sigh, “not again”! But then I was caught in this story of intrigues, betrayals, and swirling emotions. It is a bit crude, as if not “baked” enough, but I read that it was first published as a five-part e-serial novel, each one a very short story. The story continues with three installments called Castaway, which I intend to read this weekend.

Natalie: Lather, rinse, repeat! That is the theme for the summer for me. Getting into the swing of things with work that does not leave a lot of time for reading.

Veronica: I’m reading The Woman Who Lost Her Soul by Bob Shacochis and loving it. It’s set (so far) in Haiti in the late 1990s. Shacochis paints a vivid picture of Haiti during that time period, and I’m completely enthralled by the story of this humanitarian trying to help a hostage negotiator unravel the mystery of what happened to a murdered journalist — even though I have no clue what’s going on, I can’t put the book down!


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