What the Wenches are Reading

You’ll notice that the Wenches are light on reading selections this week. Seems our summer activities are keeping us from reading...or from sharing our reading with others. As these are two of our favorite pastimes, we hope that we can all get back on a regular reading schedule soon. In the meantime, we’re in no rush to stop enjoying our summer fun, of course.

For now, check out the new and old favorites a few of us are finding time for this week. And, as always, tell us what you are reading, in the comments below!

Amanda: I am still reading A Clash of Kings. Tyrion is the Man! I live for his chapters. 

Angela: There hasn’t been much reading happening for me this week. I’ve tried to start Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson #5), but got distracted by Sterek fanfiction. That ship will be the death of me. I plan to get into Fifth Grave tonight.

Barbara: I finished House Rules, and after receiving my advance copy of Biting Bad, I finished it as well. I will have much to say about it in the coming weeks leading up to the August 6 release, but my initial reaction is that I LOVED it. I also discovered this week that I might not have the patience for very detailed novels. I have long been a fan of Dean Koontz, but I could not make myself finish the audiobook of 77 Shadow Street that I had gotten for my road trip last weekend. It just had so much detail and so many explanations of people’s thoughts, which kept the story from progressing to the action. So I decided to listen to the radio on my commute instead. I have such a book hangover from Biting Bad, I’m not sure where to go next! Any suggestions?

Beta: Still reading The Fiery Cross. No big surprises here, and considering the pace I’m reading at, since real life keeps getting in the way of my reading time, and how long these books are, it’s gonna take me a while.

Donna: Thanks to a Twitter update from Chloe Neill (thanks!), I found out that J.K. Rowling is the author of The Cuckoo’s Calling, released under the pen name Robert Galbraith. I downloaded it from iBooks — oh, about 45 seconds later — and immediately started reading it. I’m about half way through, and thoroughly enjoying this who-done-it mystery. Cormoran Strike is a private detective investigating the suspicious suicide of a famous model.

Kathi: Still blissfully happily rereading Outlander on the heels of all the excitement about Jamie Fraser’s role being cast recently for the Starz tv series. I just had to revisit the beginning of Claire and Jamie’s tale and watch the young characters fall in love again, since that will be the focus of the new show’s first season. My favorite love story ever.

Natalie: Wow, another week has gone by and it’s time to share what I am reading. I start my new job tomorrow, so that will cut down my reading; then again, so did the job hunting. I’ve put Dragonfly in Amber on hold...it’s proving to be a little more labor intensive than I want for summer reading. So I went back to the Charley Davidson series this past week by reading Third Grave Dead Ahead, followed by Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet. I cannot tell you how much I’ve missed the witty and sarcastic Charley! This is one Grim Reaper I want to run into. This series is filled with great characters like Reyes, Cookie, Angel, Mr. Wong, and many others. So now that Fifth Grave Past the Light is released, I’m going to try to get that done this week. That’s all for now folks!


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