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Fangirl Fridays – David Gandy

I am not one to follow models. Even gorgeous, ripped, male models. I've always been more attracted to talent, intelligence, and character than to chiseled faces and bodies that can only be earned through hours and hours in the gym. Even as a teenager, my celebrity crushes were the result of personality, not simple beauty. But my journey through the PNR/UF world has changed much about myself, my tastes, and how I see the world. I'm still not one to follow models, but David Gandy is an exception.

Definitely more than just a pretty face.

Come with me as I show you exactly why I, and more than one fellow Wench, can't help but fangirl about the world's first male supermodel. A word of caution, there might be a little man candy along the way.

I found David Gandy as a result of searching for the perfect Jericho Barrons. A good fan of a character needs to be able to picture that character, right? Well, I had decided that Jason Momoa had exactly the right combination of good looks, charisma, and animal magnetism to pull off Barrons. I even saw Conan in the theater to verify my findings and was richly rewarded. I still come back to the "I want your head!" scene and can very clearly see our Barrons in Conan/Jason's eyes. But some of my fellow Wenches weren't convinced, so we continued to discuss and debate.

In our discussions, Eric Etebari and David Gandy were often mentioned along with Jason Momoa. But I thought I had read that both of those men, although perfect possibilities a decade ago, were much too old to play our Jericho now. I remember very clearly the day that the lovely Wench Amanda set me straight about Mr. Gandy saying, “No, he looks like that RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” So we went on a fishing expedition to see whether David Gandy did, in fact, have the look of Jericho Barrons, and this is what we found.

The tux picture wasn't the first photo I saw of David, but it was the first one where I saw Barrons inside him. For me it matched the quote from Shadowfever, “He’s disturbingly sexual to men and women alike in a way that sets your teeth on edge. With Barrons you aren’t sure if you’re going to get fucked or turned inside out and left a new unrecognizable person adrift with no moorings on a sea with no bottom and no rules.”

We spent some time finding and sharing pictures, deciding that he definitely has the right look. But anyone who knows and loves Barrons also knows that looks alone are not going to cut it, so we needed to know whether he could do Barrons. Could he sound right? Could he bring out the Beast? Well, of course the only way to answer that was to look for videographic evidence, so off to YouTube we went! Here are the videos we found where he is actually acting, not just being interviewed. Can you see what we saw?

Well. I had found my Barrons, and I never looked back. But now I was curious. Who was this beautiful man, with the insane body, who had enough natural talent that THESE are his first acting gigs anywhere? I searched some more and found that he's not just a pretty face, not merely a model. There is a lot more behind those piercing blue eyes.

David writes a blog for Vogue UK along with an occasional column about cars for GQ, and he is the first celebrity ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, in addition to his many and varied contributions to fashion through modeling and other ventures such as his smartphone apps.

I learned a bit about David's hobbies and interests through his blog, envying the gorgeous cars he gets to test for GQ. And through his blog, I got a sense of how dear he holds the important things in his life, especially family and country. He is incredibly proud of his nation and clearly loves living in London, when he's not jetting all over the world. I love this video where he talks about his career and his favorite places around London.

Okay, there are a good dozen more videos where David is charming and funny and knowledgeable about his field and, well, where he looks like THAT. But the video that completely did me in, that made me a complete and utter fangirl, is the Battersea video. David Gandy and puppies. It does not get any better than that. I will not tell you how many times I've watched this video, and I won't admit to practically knowing it by heart. But I will share it, because it is worth sharing. Did I mention it has PUPPIES?? And GANDY??

And if that little ditty isn't enough to melt your heart, there was his stint fostering Bumble last summer. I'm not too proud to admit that I teared up when I read his Vogue Blog article about having to let Bumble go. While I was at work, no less. Man, that was embarrassing. As embarrassing as this round of fangirling? Maybe.

So let's review. Loves his country. Loves cars and dogs. Loves his family, often talking about Mum and Dad Gandy as well as his niece and nephew. Is often humble and self-deprecating. Has a wicked sense of humor, as demonstrated by this video, which I find absolutely hilarious yet borderline filthy — my favorite place to be.

Now that you know a little more about David Gandy, and can see that he is so much more than a gorgeous face and ridiculous body, I leave you with one last thought about the Fabulous Mr. Gandy. 

**All photos courtesy of davidjamesgandy.blogspot.com
***All gifs courtesy of tumblr.com 

Well, Saucy Reader, are you a fangirl for someone who is totally out of your norm? Do you adore David Gandy as much as I do? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Oooh, I've never heard it speak before!
    Lol, I only know of DG from book blogs and he is definitely my perfect Barrons too.

    He really looks like Barrons during the beginning part of "Away We Stay" when DG is all angry face.

    1. YES! EXACTLY!!! It was Away We Stay that completely sold me. From the angry scene to the melancholy kiss--TOTALLY Barrons!

    2. I may have spent most of last night looking through David Gandy pinterest boards. I blame you.

      I found a picture of him holding a baby and I think my uterus exploded ;)

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Gandy....


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