The Wenches' January Book of the Month: The Woman in the Window

Well, Readers, it's time to check in and see what we thought of our January Book of the Month: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. Wench Angela started off our 2018 with this post about the book, and a lot of us took the plunge into the often muddled mind of Anna Fox! (PS- Did you know A.J.Finn is a total fox? Wench Anne accidentally stumbled upon a picture and HELLO! Authors are already rock stars for us, but it's always a welcome surprise when they look like they could be on a magazine cover just because they're pretty!)

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Even when they're not sure there even was one! 
Anne: I think I was the first one to finish this and it was KILLING ME not having anyone to discuss it with. I love thrillers/mysteries like this. I really enjoyed this one. It had such a classic feel to it. I usually see most of the twists and villains coming, but I totally didn't this time. This one reminded me of Girl on a Train, except these characters were all much more likeable. I'll be checking to see this author has more books to read.

Barb: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the way the reveals were structured, I enjoyed being horrified by being in Anna's head, I enjoyed the big mystery, the little mystery, the twist I should have seen coming but didn't. I just really enjoyed this book.

Kathi: I was a bit slow getting into this book, because I wasn’t at all sure I liked the central character, a woman recently separated from her husband and daughter due to some personal issues that were only vaguely alluded to for a while. But as I got to know her better, I began to bond with her. I became intrigued by her back story, then allowed myself to care what happened to her. And by that time, things were becoming quite dire, the suspense was ratcheting up alarmingly, and I ended up reading the final 40% of the book in one sitting! 

I rarely read standalone thrillers that don’t have fantasy elements, but Gone Girl reminded me how compelling a convoluted mystery can be when told from a POV you can’t trust. The Woman in the Window made excellent use of the unreliable narrator. Lots of anxiety and tension, with each revelation timed for maximum effect. It kept me guessing and second guessing. I wasn’t entirely surprised by all the twists at the end, but there was more than enough going on to keep me fully engaged and enthralled. My only caution is that this book features lots of binge drinking and pill popping, so you might want to avoid it if that bothers you.

Zee: I was super late to this and started it on like Jan 31st! But having finished it a day later I did enjoy the suspense. The book had the old school thriller vibe down and I love that. I am such a sucker for an old fashioned thriller, and this one did deliver. Even when things seemed a little predictable to me I STILL was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Or worse... what would happen when Anna was asleep/hungover + self medicated out of her mind. *cue suspenseful music* 

If you grew up devouring mysteries and watching those beautiful black and white mysteries that still stand the test of time, this is absolutely a book you will enjoy the hell out of! 

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