Danger! High Voltage.

High Voltage by Karen Marie Moning.

Readers, it's here. A part of our world, in our hands. High Voltage was finally released to the desperate masses this month! And can I just say, wow. What a ride it was! 

In case you need to refresh your memory a bit, you can find my Feversong review here, and our SUPER spoilery Feversong discussion here. And if you still haven't caught up, what the hell are you waiting for?! Hop to it.

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(There will be no major spoilers in this review, but there might be quotes and some vague references to things that happened.)

I have mentioned ad nauseam how Karen Marie Moning is one of the very few authors I trust blindly. She has never let me down, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that she has taught me, through the Fever series, to let go of my expectations. When I first started, whatever my expectations were from Fever, she blew them out of the water. Time after time she amazed me and I realized, as a reader, my expectations were weak, meaningless limits I was placing on my own mind. She freed me of those expectations, and is one of the only authors who allows me the luxury of sitting back and just free falling into her brilliant story. Who the fuck needs a parachute when the fall is this epic? Not me. Sure, there are a few bumps and bruises along the way, and man, she hits me in the feels CONSISTENTLY, but you already know we're total fucking masochists when it comes to the Fever series. Oh, Karen's going to make us cry like babies during the entire book? BRING.IT.

Masochists with a capital M.
High Voltage opens on an intriguing scene. A man on the beach, a falling star, an incomplete message, and the promise of... more. Once again, Moning had me hook,line, and sinker. She does it so easily. A few words and I am incapable of thinking about anything else till I finish this book. Every single time. I know it sounds like I'm just incoherently fangirling but really, these books are just that good. And I need to say it again and again because everyone needs to read these before they die. 

You guys know how much I love being in Mac's head, even when it's bloody crowded, and even though I adore Dani I'll admit I am a total sucker for a Mac POV, and while I missed her so.damn.much, Dani had me riveted. Not for a second was I pulled out of her story, of her magnificent brain. I cannot put into words how heartwarming it is to read an adult Dani POV like this, post everything else that has happened in this series, in uncharted territory where most of the threats everyone was at war with seem to be gone. It's absolutely a different game of survival Dani is playing now, and as always, I'm rooting for our Mega to be the last man standing while the baddies writhe in pain at her feet. 

Watching Dani process her grief after losing Dancer also really struck a chord with me. That feeling of moving on too fast or not fast enough being disrespectful to the person whose loss has defined you in ways you don't even understand yet, it hurt. And made perfect sense. Dancer was a beautiful part of Dani's journey in life, a necessary part, I am so glad she got to feel the simplicity of young, fragile, human love. And I will always love Dancer (I always have!) There are definitely Dancer related moments that made me cry, and I don't think I can ever downplay the love Dani has for him. But I felt a sense of closure in this book, and an eagerness for the reader and Dani to move on. 

Time for all of us to move on.
We get so much more Shazam in this, who doesn't adore that dramatic Hel-cat? I always want to squeeze my fluffball tight after reading Dani and Shazam chapters because there's nothing like the love you have for your pet. And I love every second of their adorable, sometimes hilarious, interactions.
"Promise. I won't ever leave you alone. Not ever. Pinky swear."

"Pinky swear is everything," he said, awed, blinking back tears.

I'd taught him well.

For the first time in a long time, Dani is alone in Dublin in a way she hasn't been before. No Mac, no Barrons (It's so damn hard not to use heart eyes emojis after typing Barrons. I have to keep reminding myself he'd hate it!) No Ryodan! No Nine. And a lot of new developments which she could use some help with. We were all mad about everyone just up and leaving, but dudes... Karen never does anything without a reason, so just keep reading! 

Dani, as always, is still Dublin's superhero. And she's been keeping herself busy doing what she can for the people and families left behind after shit went down, and trying to keep them safe from the possible new shit going down. I will never stop loving just how much Mac and Dani care. It is the most beautiful thing about both of them, they might do it in different ways, but God, they care so much. Watching Dani be smart, compassionate, and just so completely in her element was great.

So much love for Dani.
"I get an instant jolt of happiness, as if every cell in my body wakes up and is glad to see him."
Ryodan has slowly been making his way to the top of our Alpha lists. The man beyond the office, the desk, the "nod", we've seen more of him, and we were panting for more! Especially since that Ryo POV chapter in the last book. Phew. That seriously screwed with our hearts. I was like "Who am I?! Why am I in love with Ryodan?" but it happened, and I don't take it back, because in High Voltage I was a giggling, crying, hysterical mess because Ryodan is absolute fucking perfection. He is finally the man (?) Dani deserves, and she deserves the fucking best. Ryodan and Dani together are exhilarating. I feel more alive just reading their interactions, and when they touch, when they banter, DYNAMITE. There should be a sexiness warning for this book because, DAMN.

They have both progressed from the characters we first met so very long ago, and if they hadn't this wouldn't be the epic romance it was today. Without that vulnerability, without that sincerity, if it was all quips and flirting, it wouldn't make my heart hurt for them. But it does, because this is everything I want my epic romances to be. Breaking my heart while simultaneously warming it, too. We're complicated people, and we love messy, complicated characters who figure out their paths to each other eventually, with a few cuts, scrapes, and bruises along the way. 

Another thing I love about this series is the consequences. For everything. There are no freebies. Nothing that happens just because. Big or small, stuff has ramifications our heroes usually have to deal with eventually. And in High Voltage, Dani & team are dealing with the possible aftereffects of the Song of Making. We still have some arrogant Fae to deal with, and some other players old & new. There is a lot going on in this book. And you're going to love every second of it. 

Since there is a time jump Kat has had her child, a daughter, and while I wish desperately to have been a fly on the wall when she was working out with Kasteo, I love how this has been handled. Christian and Kat's story intersects, and I'll never get enough of Christian. Ever. Still holding out for a spin off! *fingers crossed* We do get a lot of questions answered, and we get a whole lot more information. Kat is such a great character! Barb and I will definitely be talking about this at length in our upcoming super spoilery High Voltage discussion.

About everything! 
I felt Dani's journey on so many levels, as I'm sure many of you did. For those of us that were told we smile too wide, laugh too loud, wear lipstick too red, heels too high, the need to make yourself smaller and dimmer in some way, to dull our shine because people point and say "too much!" I've always wanted to protect Dani from that, from the beginning. Dani who was too fast, too hyper, too talkative, too curious, too young, too angry, felt too much, knew too much, was suddenly too grown up, and was just too much of everything for everyone around her. You'll notice in all my previous reviews how I've just wanted her to be free, and, like Mac, I've never wanted to see her spark extinguished in any way, and I want her free to burn. Like a mother fucking supernova. And good God, Karen delivered. 

Go in with no expectations, unless your only expectation is that the author will give you a story that does justice to the growth and journey Dani has been through, that she deserves an ending worth of a hero who went through so much to stand strong today. Expect a hurricane of emotion, a lot of tears, a lot of laughs, startling revelations, fun ones that make you squeal out loud that may or may not have something to do with someone's initials, wisdom that punches you in the gut with its honesty, and characters so complex you'll see at least some facet of yourself reflected in their depths. You're very much going to be in the Fever world we all love so much, but it's a new time, with so many possibilities stretched out ahead of us. Buckle in, keep your space suits ready, it's going to be one hell of a ride! 

This Wench rates it:

PS- Keep your eyes peeled for our High Voltage super spoilery discussion! We are going to talk about EVERYTHING! It's going to be amazing.


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