What the Wenches Are Reading


New releases, old favorite, and something different. Click through to see what we're reading this week! 

Angela:  This week I read Red Knife (Cork O’Connor #8) by William Kent Krueger and again it was another outstanding addition to the series. Every time I read a Krueger book, I can’t put it down.  I also finished Kings of Wyld (The Band #1) by Nicholas Eames and what a fun fantasy read it was. Very rock star like with numerous references to music and bands. The book makes you want to listen to classic rock music!

Anne: I finished a re-read of the entire Devil’s Isle series yesterday. No idea what to do with myself now. I’m also still making my way through Voyager.

Barb: I finished Chloe Neill's forthcoming The Hunt, third in her Devil's Isle series. Look for a complete review just before release day next month. In the meantime I just hope that there are more books in the works, because that ending felt like a beginning. Now I'm rereading one of my first UF/PNR books, because my very favorite forever love hero has been calling to me. I'm only a few chapters into Halfway to the Grave, but sometimes revisiting these favorites just feel like coming home, and this is one of those. It's good to spend time with you again, Bones, my love

Kathi: I finished my reread of American War and am trying to corral my many chaotic thoughts into some kind of review. It’s a very powerful book, more powerful my second time through. It’s like The Handmaid’s Tale in that the events described in such terrifying detail could easily happen in the U.S. and are already happening somewhere. The thing that bothered me earlier seems less important amidst the larger messages—actually makes the story more “portable” to other geographic locations and, therefore, more universally relevant. Five stars!!!

Merit: This week I read Shadow Bound (Unbound #2) by Rachel Vincent. I found the book accidentally, looking for a different one. Action packed urban fantasy, a bit dark and gritty, an entertaining read. 

Zee: I finished The Chocolate Thief this week. Which I really enjoyed despite a bumpy start. I'm still stalling on reading The Hunt for some reason. But will get to it hopefully this week.


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