Fangirl Fridays: Great Time Wasters

How to waste time in a good way

You know how when you love to read but sometimes you are not really in the mood to read something difficult, long, time-consuming and soul-crushing? You just want to read something "dumb" and have a happy ending when you're done? Well, I know how you feel, and I have found a way to deal with this problem.
You see, I don't really like regular romance (I'm a fantasy and supernatural kind of a girl) I don't know why, I just don't. I've given a few books a try and couldn't get into it. It would take me forever to read a book 100 pages long because I'd find any other activity more interesting (even watching paint dry).

Since I love reading in my free time and don't always feel like reading something heavy, I've decided to find something that has some supernatural in it but is easy and fluffy like a romance. Yup, you guessed it, I'm talking about paranormal romance, some of them have a lot of sex next to all the romance. *wink wink*
For some reason, most of my fixation is on shifters. Maybe my subconsciousness is trying to tell me something, I don't know. Anywhooooo, they are highly entertainig and easy to read. All of them have mostly two-dimensional, uncomplicated heroes, heroines and plotlines. I'm not too pleased with all the misogyny so they all get two star review (out of five) in that respect. On the other hand, all the sexy men and their sexy bods get five out of five stars.

So, read on and get a few recommendations on mindless, fun series.

     The Phoenix Pack by Suzanne Wright – There are 6 books in this series so far. There will be more, from what I know. The main story follows a pack of so called misfits that find their true mates, you know, true love and all that jazz. Each book has two stories, one about the main couple coming together and the other is an action plot connected to the main two protagonists of each book. These books have graphic sex scenes so if you are not into that these are not for you. Next to all this, every male and female character is sort of the same, macho men and spitfire women. Why I like this series? Well, there are no surprises, it's predictable and reliable. There are relatively interesting characters, action, sex, jokes and a happy ending! What's not to like when you're looking for easy and fun.

     Shifted by Lynn Leite – there are 11 books in this series. Now, now…don't get scared and run away. You don't have to read all of them, I didn't. I just went through the summaries on goodreads and chose the one I liked enough to read it. They aren't bad, pretty similar in style and plot. No surprises whatsoever. You follow different wolf shifters finding their mates and fulfilling their destinies. All the characters are connected but you can read each book as a standalone. The author isn't very explicit in her descriptions of sex but it's still hot enough. Be ware, these have typos and grammar mistakes. And…each story is quite short. These were amazing for a quick afternoon read.

     Shifters in Seattle by Truli Thorne – I couldn't really remember what these were about. LOL There are 5 books in this one and also easy and short to boot. Stories follow bear shifters finidng mates and trying to discover a way to treat a terrible virus that's infecting the shifter population. Why try these?? Sexy men ad sexy times, and they are super short. But that's it. They are so simple that you forget about them as soon as you finish with them.

     The Shifters Series by Elizabeth Kelly – There are 4 books so far. These are also fun and easy, also short. They follow a goup of various shifters who own a security agency. Also, you guessed it, they all find their true love.

     The Orchard by Jennifer Dellerman – There are 4 books in this series and it follows four brothers and the way they find their true mates. There is, of course, a side story that's connected in some way to the main protagonists. There aren't a lot of explicit sex scenes in this series so it's acceptable for those who like more demure descriptions.

     Iron Wolves MC by Elle Boone - There are 6 books in this series. Each follows a couple and their "journey" into love. There is a mandatory side story about something-or-other. Men are all very macho and domineering (A-holes) and women are "strong" and sassy (barf). The plot and characters are shallow. The writing is ridiculously simple and easily understood. So why read these?? Sex and sexy men. It's that simple. This author isn't going for anything else here (IMO).

     I guess there are more, but these come to mind as the best time-wasters. Also, I need to stop reading books about shifters. If you want to read and waste time simultanously, these are for you. If you have some of your own time-wasters please share with us in the comments. Read and have fun!


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