Man Candy: Birthday Edition Part II

For my birthday in June, I gave you the gift of some delicious Man Candy. Well, today is my soul sister, Zee's, birthday, so I'm going to attempt to give her some of her favorite flavors of Man Candy, and if you're really good she may share with you, Saucy Readers. 

Today will be light on the commentary and heavy on the attractiveness, so come along. We've a party to get started.

First up is the best reason to watch Jane the Virgin, Raphael played by Justin Baldoni. As far as we're concerned this bowl of hotness is the only option. 

Next up is a Zee favorite, Richard Armitage. I know she has her reasons. Ask her about it. 

Continuing with a series of British hotties, this time with one I can get behind as well. Or in front of. Or under. Whatever. May I present the utter perfection that is Idris Elba? Yes, indeed. 

And another Brit Zee loves is Tom Hiddleston. This one I totally get--he's adorable and JFC that voice. So, yeah. 

Zee loves all the Chrises, so I'm going to give her the one who appears least frequently around here, which is a crying shame. And it amuses me to choose another dancing GIF, so here's Chris Pratt dancing. You're welcome. 

Okay, one more Chris, because this Chris slays me dead in every single thing. *sigh* Those eyes. That voice. Ded. (That is some goooood eye fucking right there.)

I totally admit that I'm sharing Kofi Siriboe because *I* love him, because he looks like that, and because I want Zee to watch Queen Sugar. I'm not even sorry. 

And last but never least, Zee's and my dream husband, the man we would happily share, the model for all of our best fictional heroes, the spectacular David Gandy. 

Happy birthday, Zee! Hope you get everything your heart desires. Love you to pieces. 


  1. Baaaaaaarb aaaaaagh I love you!!!! Thank you!!!! *crying*


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