So Many Questions: Blood Games Edition

Hey Folks! I'm back again with more questions from the Chicagoland Vampire Series. Yes, I know the series is over, but my questions are endless. I know some people prefer to take what the author gives you and just leave it at that. I am not one of those people. I prefer the JK Rowling/ JRR Tolkien style of author who will give you any detail you want to know and then some. So, here I am with my questions from Blood Games. Keep reading after the break!

​What Houses are they allied with?
​In the interim, Ethan called the Master of the Houses that allied with Cadogan--whose insignia were mounted above the Cadogan House door--shoring up his support.
Obviously Sheridan is one of those Houses, but what are the others? I would think probably Grey, as well. But, which others? Are these all alliances Ethan has formed as Master? Or are some of them leftover from Peter's reign? Is the NAC insignia above the door as well?

::sigh:: Ethan.....
"That's because you'd only explored one half of yourself, Sentinel. I merely gave you the chance to blossom. To be the person you were always meant to become."Tears rushed to my eyes, and I knuckled them away. "Damn it, Ethan. How do you come up with things like that?""I keep a notebook. I intend to make you mine, Sentinel. Not just for tonight, or for tomorrow, or for the decade. For eternity. And I'll have my ring on your finger. I'll have the world know that you're mine. I suggest you get used to the idea."
I hope he does keep a notebook. It would be so very Ethan.

What did Luc and Ethan do when Merit locked them in the training room?
“You’re colleagues and friends, and you both feel crappy that something dangerous happened tonight which made you question your control, your respective abilities to protect the ones you love.”      I looked at them for a moment, waiting for them to argue. To my great satisfaction, both of them shut their mouths tight. I gestured them forward into the training room. “Talk it out, punch it out, kick it out, whatever it takes. Just get it out there, and let’s move on. You have five minutes.”      I waited until they walked inside, grumbling the entire time, and closed the door behind them. 
My excellent plan notwithstanding, both Luc and Ethan wore dirty looks. "Love you guys!" I said with sickly sweetness. "You get everything worked out?""We've decided you're the biggest pain in our ass," Luc said.
Did they fight? Talk it out? Just stand there and sulk or complain about Merit? Did they do that weird guy thing where they punch each other and then everything is fine? Inquiring minds need to know these things.

Why is Jonah single?
Considering his great personality and sense of humor, he had no business being single. Unfortunately, he hadn't had much luck in the dating arena.
I know part of the reason is that he's still in love with Merit. But, before Merit, why was he single? You have to wonder at this point if there's something we aren't seeing that is keep him from a lasting relationship. Is he clingy? Jealous? Possessive, more so than most vampires, anyway? Does he become a needy little whiner? Or, is he single by choice? Was he a player before Merit came in to the picture? I'd like to see Jonah on a date. Does he have moves, Joey Tribiani-style? I really hope he plays a role in the spin-off series and that he gets his own HEA. He deserves it.

How many cops in the city knew about vampires and other supernaturals before their respective coming out parties?
Her eyes widened incrementally. She must not have dealt with many supernaturals.
We know from Chuck that some officers and government officials knew about supernaturals before they made themselves public. But, how many of them knew? Just a handful? Some at each precinct? Veterans with a certain amount of time under their belts? Now that so many sups are out, are there cops that know about the ones that aren't out to the public? Do they know about sorcerers? 

I need to know what Jonah's fandoms are.
"I love a con," he said over the din. "The energy. The love. The geekery. Where else do you get so many people passionate about so many different things in one place?"
I need this information. For reasons.

How does the RG manage to have their super secret vampire spy headquarters in such a historic and prominent building?
The lighthouse had been built in 1893 for the World's Columbian Exhibition but had been moved and renovated several times since then. The decor was sparse and hadn't been updated since at least the 1970s. But the decor wasn't the point-- the three-hundred-and-sixty-degree windows and views of the city and lake were.

Obviously it's hard to access for humans, given it's location. But, how do they keep city workers and tourists and such out? Glamour? Force? Do they have some sort of deal with the city to use the building? Also, how did they get all of their furnishing out there? By boat? More so, they have all kinds of high tech computer equipment. How did they get the place wired for electricity and internet? For my Supernatural fans, do they have Sam Winchester Wi-Fi no matter where you are capabilities?

I have a lot of questions about other supernaturals. I'm going to condense them into one big one...
Melaina stepped forward, playing teasingly with the bottom of her braid. "You are tall," she said to the auburn-haired guard captain. He blushed to the roots, grinned like an idiot."I have many outstanding qualities."
River trolls were burly men and women who made their homes beneath the bascule bridges that crossed the Chicago River, and helped the nymphs enforce their rulings.
"I don't think I swore to that. Although I did swear to protect the House against all creatures living or dead. What's up with that?"Ethan rose, pushed his hair back. "Ghosts, poltergeists, your greater and lesser banshees."
Are vampires allowed to sleep with nymphs? What is the general policy on inter-supernatural dating? I guess we'll find out in the spin-off, won't we?

So, there are troll women, but no nymph or siren men. At least none that we're aware of. So, there's two supernatural species that are only women. Are there any that are only men?

We know that we see ghosts in Phantom Kiss. I know what a poltergeist is. But, what is the difference between a greater and lesser banshee? Is it power level or something else?

I would love to see Merit dance en pointe.
It had been too long since I'd worn toe shoes. I guessed I'd be able to make the transition, but I didn't have the time or materials to break in a new pair of toe shoes, so I opted for ballet slippers.
In the present, the past, I don't care. I'd just love to see it. And see Ethan and the House's reaction to it.

Ethan's magic, alone, can cause actual damage to the House?
But instead, there was only fury-- an angry, biting ball of magic that rose with such fervor the floor vibrated with it. The entire House shook on its foundations, as if Chicago had become suddenly situated above a fault line. A vase hit the floor. Photographs toppled.The center of the magic, the eye of the storm, stood beside me.All eyes turned to Ethan...and the green fire raging in his eyes.
We know that Merit and Ethan's magic together has effected the House. But, Ethan's magic is so powerful, or his rage at this point was so terrible, it literally shook the House on its foundation. That is some extremely potent magic. I'd like to put Ethan up against the GP vampires and see who came out on top in a fair test of their strengths. My money is on Ethan against all of them.

Where does Merit, as Sentinel, rank in the House hierarchy? 
"I'm going to pretend you didn't just give me an order because you're under some stress.""Sorry," I murmured, since he had a point.
Obviously, it goes Ethan, Malik, Luc. But, who's after that? Who's the fourth in line? Is it Helen, Merit, Margot, someone else? Obviously, as far as age, Merit is at the bottom of the pack, but both in the hierarchy and strength where does she fall?

The Master testing is brutal. How many people have been injured or killed or permanently incapacitated because of it?
"It won't be a skip through the park with Mary Poppins. There's at least one report on record of a Master being incapacitated by the testing. They broke his mind." 
There's "at least one report" are there more incidents off the record? Are there reports on the record of serious injuries or deaths? What about the physical portion of the test? We know that in one portion of the test a Master and novitiate could both potentially die. Have any of them? Also, what the fuck kind of testing is this where people are dying? Especially innocent novitiates! What the fuck, GP?

Not that I feel sorry for Nicole or anything, but.....

I have bided my time, Ethan. Worked to build my own kingdom. I have dealt with monsters-- vampires and human alike-- and humans who treated me as if I were a dog because I had the unfortunate luck to be born with skin a shade darker than theirs. I stood Second, waited for my turn. I followed the rules."

What must it have been like for her to be a rich, intelligent vampire in a world where her skin color makes her a second class citizen or, worse, a slave? That must have been a horrible life for her. Don't get me wrong, I still hate her. But, I do sympathize with her plight.

Do the GP members each Master a House, as well as their GP duties? We know Celina did, but do all of them?
Lakshmi confirmed that the training room was the best place for the testing, and we offered her the anteroom to catch up on her own business.
I feel as though that would be a lot of responsibilities for one person. They would need to
have a very strong Second in place to do both. Unless, this much GP activity is unusual. In that case, it wouldn't be too hard. Also, now that Darius has stepped down from his position as head of the GP, does he retain his high ranking member status? Or is he one of the commoners now? And, how is his replacement found? Is there another set of tests? Or is it the same tests? Can anyone, any Master at least, vie for the position?

Did Lindsey feel Mallory working to bring back Ethan?
"We're connected since he's my Master, and I'm the most sensitive person in the House."
I wonder if she felt some stirrings of Ethan while Mallory was working her black magic. Did she, but she didn't know what she was feeling? Did she think it was just the collective mojo of the House or the city? Could she feel him right away when he was brought back? Or does he have to be in proximity to her? Could Mallory have controlled Lindsey as well, through Ethan, if she had continued down that dark path?

How does the vote for the new head honcho work?
"...The other Houses will vote tonight. that means we'll know shortly after dusk tomorrow."

Does each individual vampire in each House get a vote? Is it just the Masters? Is it an electoral college kind of situation or a weighted vote? The individual vampires each get a vote, but it's the Masters' votes that count for more or are the only ones that count at all?

How do non-Mallory sorcerers feel about tarot cards, palm reading, etc?
"Fucking tarot. It's a pack of cards with pretty pictures. She wants to believe in that nonsense?"
Mallory is a sorceress unlike the others. Plus, she had a love for the occult long before she found out about her abilities. How do other sorcerers feel about tarot cards and that sort of thing? Is it poser magic or is there a time and a place for them? I feel like Catcher thinks they are for posers, but he's surprised me before.

All right, Saucy Readers, that's all I've got for this one. Did I miss any of your questions? Let me know below! And, stay tuned for a Lucky Break/Phantom Kiss combo edition coming soon to a blog near you.


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