Quote of the Day

“I was thinking that I love you,” she just came out and said it, with a little bit of defiance mixed in. … “And if you insist on hollering and throwing your Y chromosome around, how about waiting ‘til we get inside to do it. I don’t feel real comfortable out here in the open.”

He stopped lurching forward and simply stared at her, unblinking. Somehow managed a cocky, delighted grin.

“Was it my charm or the manly vomiting that convinced you?”

He was talking about her I love you, she knew. “If you must know it was your facile mind that did it. Any guy who can use the phrase brackish water reverse osmosis in the same breath as wouldn’t care if it tasted like piss is a man with many layers of interest. And you told me I smelled like ass. How’s a girl to resist?”

~ Nemesis, Lisa Clark O’Neill


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