Fangirl Friday: When A Wench Recommends...

You know what's the best thing about reading communities? Book clubs, book groups, and just generally having great friends who read as much as you? The recommendations. Trust me. You might think you're a one genre kinda gal/guy. Or at least that you're limited to a select few. But what I've learned is, good recs will change EVERYTHING. 

Yes, you FIIIIINE being, it is. 
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B.W. (Before the Wenches) I was kind of a book snob. I was SO picky about the genres. And very suspicious about Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance and Contemporary thrillers and such. I was kinda terrible and snooty. When someone used to tell me to read something and that I'd like it I used to scoff and say "Sure, buddy."

I dare you.
But all that has changed. Sure, I take some time getting to recs sometimes (sorry Barb, I heart you) but I always know I can trust recommendations from these friends, and I gotta say. It's the best feeling in the world. Now, I'm ready for the angst and awesomeness. The hilarity and heartbreak. All of that, preferably, with an extra helping of sexiness. Everything a great rec has in store for me! 

It's one of the best experiences in the world reading a book enthusiastically recommended to you. It's like reading with your very own team of cheerleaders cheering you on! I can remember countless times where I was like "you guys, everything is NOT okay. I can't go on! WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS BOOK?!" And you have people there who've been through it who know exactly what to say to keep you going, and keep you hoping. And it is, for lack of a better word at 3am, awesome. 

Gotta love your book cheerleaders. 
So many of the life changing recommendations that blew my mind in so many ways came from the Wenches; most of us previously known as Team Eric from Sookieverseblog or somewhere else on the internet! (Side note, online reading and/or fangirling communities, or just people in general who live on the same wavelength as you in some way, are also the fucking best. Find yourself people who celebrate how fucking awesome and weird and spectacular you are!)

Here's to finding your brand of weird+awesome.
Learning Dublin with Mac and falling for Barrons in Fever, adjusting to Vampire life in Chicagoland Vampires, handling a drug addiction in Downside Ghosts, getting over anti Vamp prejudices and falling for the sexiest former gigolo vamp in Night Huntress, learning about Valkyrie and the species they interact with in Immortals After Dark, getting your heart broken by soul crushing erotica and romance and then mending it with wonderful love stories, being in the minds of psychopaths and killers, of cheaters and liars, of people whose trials I will never understand--I would have missed ALL of that and so much more if I hadn't picked up books these wonderful ladies recommended. 
Thank you for all the book related Os. Wait.
That can be taken in a couple of ways. Thanks on both!
Some great recommendations have also come my way of some of my absolute favorite authors (Honorary Saucy Wenches!) Karen Marie Moning gave me that little push towards Lisa Kleypas after a dear friend from Iceland had recommended her a few times. (Derek Craven, you guys!) Alisha Rai on twitter and all her very awesome twitter writer friends are just THE best for recs. (And just generally the best, they are collectively the coolest, and I want to be besties with them all but I'll just watch them glow from afar because they're way too cool for me.) Seriously. I started reading Courtney Milan, Tessa Dare, and Alyssa Cole because of Alisha Rai's retweets, and have added so many books to my list because of all their twitter recs. Barb recently read and LOVED Molly O'Keefe's Burn Down The Night thanks to Alisha Rai. 
Since the Wenches got me over my irrational refusal to try recommendations, I've tried to do my part and recommend things to them too. Apparently I'm really good with erotica recs and will pat myself on the back for bringing Alisha Rai's awesomeness to the Wenches, Sierra Simone's very naughty Priest, Samantha Young's gorgeous Dublin Street books, and a few more (go through our erotica tag, lots of reviews and quotes to get you interested!) Wench Ange and I regularly exchange Regency and Victorian romance recommendations because we adore the genre. Barb has almost NEVER steered me wrong and I would trust her even if she recommended something I wouldn't think I'd like in a million years. But basically, it comes down to all of us sharing books we love with each other, and if that's not real friendship, I don't know what is! (It also helps that we love talking about things like yes, I would marry Kate McKinnon, or, why is Idris Elba so freaking hot? Who WOULDN'T want to be best friends with Michelle Obama? Why does Jason Momoa insist on existing in all his perfectness when all of us can't have him in our lives? You get my point, real talk.)
Really, though, why? 
Readers, SAY YES TO RECS! It'll make your reading lives so much more interesting! Life is better with friends who recommend! 

Just to get you started, here are some of our recommendations. Series recs here, and novel recs here. ENJOY!


  1. You know I love your recommendations!! I can't think of a book you have recommended for me I haven't loved.


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