What The Wenches Are Reading

Hello Saucy readers! We hope you had a lovely long weekend and had plenty to be thankful for! Hopefully one of the things you are thankful for was quiet time to read! 

The Wenches got some reading done despite everything else going on. A lot of us are revisiting Dublin because.. well, because it's amazing. There are a few new things we've been trying out too, so maybe you'll want to add those to your reading lists!

Click through to see what we've been reading. And please share what you've been reading with us in the comments!

Amanda: I'm still reading Faefever by KMM; only about halfway through. I went away for Thanksgiving, and I didn't get much reading done. Dani just came to BB&B, and it's really sweet how much Mac seems to care for her already. 

Angela: I finished Back Lash by Devon Monk and loved it!  I just love Shame and Terric and seeing how they deal with their connection. More please.

Anne: I'm back to Dublin and Fever this week. I need to pick up the pace if I'm going to finish all of them before January. I'm also almost 3/4 of the way through Drums of Autumn. I just learned a little about indentured servitude. What a horrible option for families with no other choice.

Barb: I will have Shadowfever finished tonight or tomorrow. On the advice of a Wenchy friend I'm going to take a very short break to read Colleen Hoover's latest release, November 9, before jumping back into Iced. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Fever world, how captivating it is? 

Kathi:  I’m about 25% through 11/22/63 and completely absorbed. Such an intriguing premise. Can’t wait to see where this book goes. If only I could sneak away to a quiet location and read nonstop!

Merit: This week I’ll start with a story. During the summer after 11th grade of high school, I went on a vacation tour around Europe with a selected group of students, from all the high schools in the area. One of the students became a friend during the tour, but we all went back to our schools and homes. I didn’t meet him again until a few months ago (more than 40 years!). Our surprise meeting came through a book he wrote. A friend of mine recommended his book, and I told her that this name rings a bell for me. It took some time, and I remembered that guy from so many years ago. I found out he became a prominent business man who, after many years, decided to write books. This is his first novel: Green Kills by Avi Domoshevizki. A thriller set in the fast-paced world of high-tech startups and venture capital. I enjoyed this fast-paced thriller and recommend it happily.

Shau: I've finished the first three books of Kalayna Price's Alex Craft series. In short, I liked them. I can't really put my finger on why I didn't love them, but they were good. Interesting and fun. There should be a fourth book coming out in the upcoming months. The fifth book is also in the plan (according to goodreads).

Zee: I need me some happy reading, so I attempted starting Lisa Kleypas' Someone to Watch Over Me... and the amnesia story line has me rolling my eyes. Also, is there some sort of romance writer's handbook that says amnesia story lines can only be written about red heads??? Because I've read many, by many different authors. It's getting weird. I put that away and will try and start Somewhere I'll Find You... which admittedly sounds more like a thriller about a stalker. But, we'll see!


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