Signs Your Book World is Falling Apart

Book world is falling apart. So what are the signs that this is happening to you? You could be displaying symptoms and not ever realise it. The cure may be difficult to prescribe depending on what level of book meltdown you are going through. Maybe you scoff in disbelief. Maybe you think you have some unedited version of a story. Maybe you try to erase what you just read from your memory. You know my last point is impossible, don't you? I've tried it and it never, ever works. Books series end up ruined forever.

Signs your book world has fallen apart.

The only way to read a book catastrophe is by turning it into a drinking game.

This could be fun. Maybe I should read the book at all.

You want to bang your head again and again to fight the direction the book is taking.

I think I need a hug Baymax.
You can't stop thinking WTF just happened.

I can't believe what I'm reading.

When all you want to do is eat chocolate, as a sugar rush has to be better than continuing to read the series.

This isn't a coping mechanism. It isn't!
You take a sudden interest in baking. Cake solves everything.

Crap. I told all my friends they had to read this series.

Um, please don't read this series.
No, this can't be real. I refuse to believe it. There must be an alternate ending.

I'm confused. What just happened?
When crying seems to be the only appropriate response.

I won't cry. I won't cry.
You realise you want to punch something and that can't be good.

Yip. I'm losing it over a book.
Even a cheerleader isn't going to help.

It's not working.
A single look speaks volumes about your disappointment.

There is nothing left to say.
Your dog understands how torn apart you are.

There, there human.
You start to think you might just be in some parallel universe.

This can't be right.
Never fear. There is a solution to this, besides alcohol or chocolate. Remember whilst it seems like books are real, they actually aren't. Your book world will some day be corrected by reading something else fabulous, or entertaining or just downright brilliant. Until that day....

Keep dancing.

When do you realise you are going through a book world crisis?

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