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Spring is finally taking hold of the Northern Hemisphere, making us want to engage in some outdoor activities--reading outside. Veronica Roth, Tarryn Fisher, Diana Gabaldon, Tracy Thompson, and JR Ward are all on our reading lists this week. Click through to see what we're reading this week, and share your reading list in the comments below!

Amanda:  I am reading The King, by J.R. Ward. After a rocky start, due to me not being a big Wrath/Beth fan, I'm really enjoying it! I have a complaint or two, but the storylines are so good that I can overlook the negatives. I'm pretty interested that the John Matthew/Darius thing is being developed a lot more. I still love Assail and Sola!

Angela: This week I finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes. What a fantastic book. I'm now so glad that, with Kathi's encouragement I finished The Fiery Cross. It was well worth it. Plenty of angst, WTF moments and scenes of pure loveliness. Diana Gabaldon really has a gift with words and it made the whole book so worthwhile to complete. Of course it woudn't be a Gabaldon book without nearly making me cry, grossing me out or making me laugh hysterically. Gabaldon is a class act and I can't wait to read the next book, once I get some Books of Month out of the way.

Anne: I'm in a bit of a reading funk. I can't find anything that holds my attention. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Barb: I read this Salon article that was an excerpt from the book, The New Mind of the South by Tracy Thompson, which inspired me to track the book down. I checked it out of the library, not feeling super optimistic about it holding my attention, since nothing has recently. However, I was completely riveted and tore through that thing in three days! Hooray for holiday weekends with road trips! It was so interesting getting a perspective on Southern culture, from a Southerner. Look for a review on this one soon--I have lots of thoughts.

Beta: I've been reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes in every opportunity I get, which haven't been many. I'm loving the journey and DG's wonderful sense of humor has me laughing out loud and her wonderful talent to paint beautiful and heart-warming scenes with words has made me sigh on many occasion. Oh, and remember the action and angst I felt waiting for me around the corner? Well, I'm there. And I will come across many angsty and action-packed corners from now on. That makes me excited but with a dash of trepidation.

Donna: This week I started rereading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. Since I have this in hardcover, I'm having a little trouble getting into a comfortable position. I'm afraid I've gotten a little spoiled because of those oh-so-convenient e-books. I'm strongly considering buying the whole set in e-book format, even though I already have them in hardcover. Bottom line, I loooooove this series!
Kathi: I’m still enthralled by my buddy (re)read of A Breath of Snow and Ashes with Beta and Angela. I marvel that the same angsty, action-packed book that kept Angela up at nights is also chock-full of the exquisitely crafted scenes of intimate communication that I particularly love. I’m also thrilled to have converted another Outlander addict fan! (My usual technique is to give the first book as a gift, but Angela was not so expensive!)

Merit: After a few pages I start to feel anxious, even afraid, I want to stop reading, I can't go on! I feel too much. But I can't! I am glued to Senna's story, I.just.can't.stop., I am compelled to go on. I read lying on my sofa, I change position, I sit on the edge of a chair, and then back to the sofa. This story is uncomfortable, I ache all over. I'm so sorry for Senna, for her inabilities, I'm afraid for her, for her broken soul. My heart is broken too. This story is called Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher, a master of words and emotional manipulations.

Natalie: FINALLY I got motivated to get a good chunk of Allegiant done by Veronica Roth.  I only have 24% more to go but sadly I think I was injected with one of the syrums they talk about in the book because, man, my sleep was messed up last night.  However I want to say that though I've had spoilers about the book it did not prepare me for one.  Now this is a spoiler just for me and no one else.  For those who read the series they know that Tris is the female lead.  In book one you meet Tris and her Mom Natalie.  I was like "Cool it's not often I see a character with my first name".  Well I get to book three and we find out that Tris's Mom's maden name was Natalie Wright and that she is from Milwaukee, WI.  Well with the exception of not knowing the character's middle name they just took my name and where I'm from and put it into a book!  I'm like "I am the only Natalie Wright in Milwaukee, WI!" So I'm giggling while reading the rest of the book.  That's my fun with books this week. 

Shau: I got nothing this week.

Zee: Sorry no reading for me this week. Although I am interested in reading the book Barb read this week.


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