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Man Candy : Game of Thrones special edition.

In honor of the new season of HBO's Game of Thrones, which starts this Sunday (the 6th) we figured we'd help ease you into the intense, tragic and somber world of Westeros with some Man Candy. Wench Amanda talked to us about the HBO series and the book series in this post in preparation, and I'm here to reintroduce you to the pretty people we see in the series (or saw in the last few seasons, before they were so cruelly taken from us. To avoid spoilers I'm not mentioning which characters are dearly departed.) 

So click through to see which of the guys made the list! 

Goes for the guys on this list! ;)

These are in no particular order :

Harry Lloyd :

Yes, Viserys Targaryen was a giant dillhole, but you can't deny that Harry Lloyd is one pretty motherfucker. I mean... even with that ridiculous white hair! So, reluctantly, we must look at him in this list!

Jerome Flynn :

We love Bronn, son of whomever, here at the Wenches. So naturally, we had to add Jerome Flynn to the list. He cleans up VERY nice.

Gethin Anthony :

When I look at the adorable Gethin, I can kinda see why Brienne and Loras both carry a torch for Renly Baratheon. 

Finn Jones :

We can't not add Loras, the Knight of the Flowers, when we've added Renly. Finn Jones is VERY pretty to look at.
Stephen Dillane :

Ok, this might not be a popular pick, but I think Stephen Dillane is kinda attractive. Fine, he's a grumpy old sod as Stannis. But look at him here, all young and pretty and smiling. (He still looks like that when he smiles... I just used this one because I like this gif a lot.)

Iain Glen :

Call him Lord Friend Zone if you want, but Ser Jorah is impossible not to notice, with that gravelly voice and those eyes everyone keeps wishing Daenerys would want to get lost in, he definitely belongs on this list. 

Joe Dempsie :

The VERY easy on the eyes Gendry. Arya wasn't the only one who appreciated the view! (Am I the only one who LOVES his eyes?)

Richard Madden :

The brooding, gorgeous Robb Stark. Seriously one of the hottest smolders I've seen on screen in a while. (He also looks GREAT scruffy... and that hair... mmmmm I can't be the only one who wants to tug on it.)

Kit Harrington :

He might be a "mopey bastard who knows nothing" on the show, but Jon Snow is one pretty crow. We prefer him smiling... and shirtless. (Also.... tug worthy hair.)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau :

Say what you want about Jaime Lannister, but you can't deny the man is gorgeous. Even while scruffy and dragged through mud and blood, we swoon a little when he still manages to be sassy and sexy (especially with Brienne!) 

PS- I'm sad they cut his gorgeous hair this season.

Sean Bean :

The very noble and handsome Eddard Stark, how can you not like him? We love us some serious, loyal and just characters. Doesn't hurt that he's nice to look at and has a sexy mane. (I personally prefer my Bean scruffy, short haired and smiling.)

Peter Dinklage :

Ah Tyrion, so many viewers' favorite Lannister (till now), maybe it helps that the very good looking Dinklage portrays a much easier on the eyes Tyrion on screen. All I know is, he's so pretty. Look at those eyes.... *sigh*
Jason Momoa :

Do I even need to explain why this absolutely gorgeous human being is on this list? Sigh, Jason as Khal Drogo was an epic casting choice. I would stare at this guy doing anything, but shirtless and savage... yes please! 

So Readers, have I added all your fave Game of Thrones men? Or have I missed someone? (I probably have... and I'm sorry!) Let me know in the comments below and I promise we'll add them in the next Game of Thrones Man Candy post! 

*NONE of these gifs belong to the Wenches. All belong to their creators from Tumblr.


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