What the Wenches are Reading

The Wenches are reading a whole lot of different stuff this week (those of us who got a chance to read that is.) Along with a few old favorite series our regular readers will be familiar with, like Outlander and Mercy Thompson, there are some new names too. We love discovering new authors. And as always, some of us are delving into other Wench recommendations! We'll be keeping you updated on what we think of all the new reads!
Click through to see what we've been reading! And don't forget to share what you've been reading in the comments below! 

Amanda:  I am reading Defending Jacob by William Landay. It's not my usual cup of tea, but it is SO good. I'm riveted!

Angela: This week I read Hell Bent by Devon Monk and really enjoyed it. It had plenty of humour and a great lead in Shame. Action packed and just covering a few days I read it in two days!! I've finally cracked open A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon as well. I'm not far into it, but boy, it's started with a hiss and a roar. I can already feel it's going to be more action packed then The Fiery Cross.

Barb: Still having trouble getting into the books I started, I finished watching The Borgias (which totally needs a movie to wrap things up properly!) and started the ARC I received of Megan Hart's Flying. As with all Megan Harts, it's riveting. When I finish that I plan to head back to Bloodlines, which I've still squeezed in a chapter of here and there.

Beta: I think I've got my reading groove back, I've picked up The Fiery Cross again and plan on finishing that in the next few days and then I'll pick up A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Care: This week, I finished up my read of Tigers and Devils, and moved myself along to Tigerland.  Once I was done that, I moved into Warrior's Cross, where I'm having fun trying to determine which author wrote which characters, and may or may not return to my Cut & Run series reread, though I have a TBR of non-fiction at least as long as my arm, so I may go there next. 

Donna: I started reading The Great Gatsby. As I mentioned last week, I'm trying to bump up my knowledge of classic literature. I have only a vague idea of the plotline and have never seen the film. I think, in this way, I'll have an unbiased opinion of the novel. I hope to have the book finished by this time next week.

Kathi: This week I started rereading A Breath of Snow and Ashes in my Outlander reread. I didn’t get far, but things are already starting to heat up for Jamie and Claire after the fairly leisurely pace of their last book.

Merit: Continuing with the Tangled series by Emma Chase, I read Twisted, the 2nd book in that series. That one was different. It is told from Kate’s POV, and while the first book biggest plus was Drew’s hilarious POV; here we have drama, angst and even emotional pain. It is still very good, I read it in one seat, I HAD to know how those issues were resolved, and in the end we do have Drew POV again. Delightful read. I’ve also started Written in Red by Anne Bishop, I’ve only read a few chapters and so far I like this UF world building. It is different enough from other UF books I read, hope it will continue that way.  

Shau: Ok, so my real life has calmed down a bit and I finally had time to sit down and devour Night Broken (Mercy Thompson #8). I love it so much and Mercy is as awesome as ever. This one was soooooooo good it made me do a bit of re-reading of Mercy's highlights from the previous books. Mercy FTW!!!  (BTW...I wanted to smack Adam upside the head a couple of times in this one but Mercy loves him so I'll give him a chance to earn my forgiveness.)

Zee: No reading for me this week, sorry. It's been busy.


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