Quote of the Day

The line went silent, and Ben was about to ask if his father was still there, but Andrew spoke again.

"You can always come home. Your room is still like you left it."

Ben took a moment to assess his father's rare show of sincerity. "Yeah, okay. I'll look into it."

"You do that," Andrew said, and a sizzle of static from the connection disrupted the final word. Ben closed his eyes at the condescension in his father's tone. It was as if Andrew knew that he would not see his youngest child anytime soon.

"I should go, I'm pretty beat," Ben said, and he berated himself when he heard the awkward edge to his voice.

"Yeah, all right," Andrew said. "Bye, Benji."

The connection went dead. Ben stared at the phone for a few seconds before he returned it to the cradle, and his thoughts drifted far off to another state.

"Bye, Dad," Ben said, and the words echoed through the empty kitchen.

~ Jen Archer Wood, Point Pleasant

* Posted for Veronica, who is off meeting Wench friends and hot guys.


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