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Durzo Blint*
“There is no higher purpose. There are no gods. No arbiters of right and wrong. I do not ask you to like reality, I only ask you to be strong enough to face it. There is no essential good in living. Life is nothing itself. The ends don’t justify the means. The means do not justify the ends. There is no one to justify to. There is no justification. There is no justice. Do you know what punishments I’ve endured for my crimes, my sins? None. I am proof of the absurdity of men’s most treasured abstractions. A just universe wouldn’t tolerate my actions.”

— Durzo Blint

~ Brent Weeks, The Way of Shadows

* Image from www.pinterest.com


  1. I love your choice for Durzo Blint, Ian Glen is a perfect Blint.

    1. Thanks Merit. I think he is absolutely perfect as well. I can just imagine him instructing Kylar.


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