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Another Friday, another round of Fangirling!

At the Portland, Oregon signing
for the release of House Rules.

I used to have a difficult time being able to name my favorite author. I've had favorites in different phases of my life, and in different genres, but to be able to say that one author was the best, my favorite above all others ... no, I couldn't do it.

Then the fantabulous Chloe Neill entered my life. It happened in much the way of other authors, just a recommendation from friends, a decision to give the series a try, and then the matter of obtaining the first one. But after that, it has been a dizzying descent into utter fangirldom. And now, Chloe Neill is, hands down, my favorite author. Not just because she writes one of my favorite series ever, but because she does it beautifully, while juggling so many other responsibilities, and still manages to interact with fans through social media on a regular basis. Oh, and she knows who we are. I can't tell you how much I love that!

I have, in fact, done this about Ms. Neill.
Click through to find out why.

Come with me as I completely lose my shit over the unbelievable awesome that is Chloe Neill.

Our regular Saucy Readers know that there is a contingent of Wenches who simply adore Chicagoland Vampires. We can't get enough Merit, Ethan, or the cadre of friends and family that surround them, and our "Best Of" lists are regularly topped with Chicagoland love. This is all because of the amazing talent of Chloe Neill. She has created a series that features a strong, hilarious, vulnerable, completely relatable heroine, a supporting cast that easily stands toe-to-toe with any other urban fantasy series out there, and an absolutely stunning love story that consistently takes our breath away.

We can't get enough!

We have adored Chloe Neill since our first heart-wrenching journey through her world, simply because she gave Ethan the words that make us all swoon:

Sigh... Ethan.
"You undo me Merit. Wholly and completely. You don't take me at my word. You challenge me at every opportunity. And that means when I'm with you, I am less than the head of this House ... and I am more than the head of this House. I am a man ... In my very, very long life, I need you more than I have ever needed anything."
~ Twice Bitten

We usually credit Ethan with those words, but the fact is they came from the mind of Ms. Neill. In our review of Biting Cold, Zee and I called her a magician with words, and we still believe that. From her humor (Pec-tacle) to her foreshadowing (green eyes prophecy, anyone?) to the aforementioned Master Sullivan, her words mesmerize us, always keeping us coming back for more.

Ms. Neill never makes us regret our trust.
I believe that Chloe Neill is a reader's writer. She knows what readers want to read about, and she delivers. But she does it in a way that is not easy and does not pander to the reader. She simply understands good storytelling and satisfying character arcs, and she leaves us contented at the end of every book. Well ... almost every book. But even when a book ends in a completely shocking, devastating way, you know it's going to be okay, because she cares about her characters and she knows what's best for them. I trust that she will do what is right, what is best for Merit, for Cadogan, and for Chicago. I love that feeling, because I don't have that with all of the authors I read.

But that's what a writer is supposed to do, right? String together words into sentences into paragraphs into tales that make our hearts race with a bevy of emotions and keep us coming back for more? That is true, and it is exactly what a great writer does. But when Wench Kathi attended Ms. Neill's appearance in Portland, Oregon in February, which we blogged about here, I learned something that awed me about Ms. Neill ― she has a full-time job that is not writing! Yes, you read accurately! She has a full-time job, a husband, dogs, probably a family and friends, and still manages to crank out two amazing novels a year. To have that much going on, she is certainly crazy talented, but she must also be incredibly disciplined and organized, and that makes my little control-freak heart smile.

In addition to the many roles that Chloe Neill fills in her day-to-day life, she also manages to interact with fans through social media on a fairly regular basis. Her website,, is up-to-date, and she posts regularly on both Facebook and Twitter. It is through these avenues, particularly Twitter, that The Saucy Wenches Book Club interacts with Ms. Neill. She has retweeted us on numerous occasions, directing uncountable new followers our way, and has mentioned things that we have written about Chicagoland Vampires with direct links on her website. Some of you probably found your way to us through one of those mentions! I remember vividly the first time she posted a link to us on her website. I was at work when I saw it and had to excuse myself so that I could squee and happy dance properly. And as a rather young blog, it was an incredible honor to be included in her blog tour for the release of House Rules. The receipt of the confirmation was accompanied again by shrill fangirl screaming and happy dancing, particularly as she noted that she was well aware of the love we have for Chicagoland. (Seriously. She's aware of us. I could die happy!) It is amazing that, with all of her other commitments, Ms. Neill finds the time to keep up with her website, let alone Facebook and Twitter, but the way she interacts with fans through those media is absolutely stunning. It is a rare and wonderful treat, and I am awed by her.

The best autograph ever, courtesy of Chloe Neill,
and the fabulous Wench Kathi!
Now, in the name of full disclosure, I have a dear, personal reason for loving Chloe Neill above all others. Yes, her books are one of my favorite series, yes she is incredibly talented as well as disciplined and organized, and yes she is amazing with fan interaction and knows about our little blog. But (please excuse the awed boasting about to occur) she knows me. My name and my association with this blog. While getting our books signed at that event in Portland, Ms. Neill asked Kathi if my book was for "The" Barb (!!!! I know, I can hardly stand it myself!) and proceeded to write this autograph! How effing amazing is that?? To have an author you love, whose work you admire so much, know who you are? When I think about it, I am still stunned into speechlessness. She is THAT amazing.

I could go on. With Chloe Neill, there is also the swag that she designs herself, sometimes making new stuff immediately in response to fan requests. (Wench Zee has a great story about that.) There are the blog tours, complete with very generous give-aways, which she handles herself. There is the impeccable research she does for her books, and the fact that she's a vegetarian yet writes Merit's love for meat as if from the perspective of a true carnivore. But the bottom line is that Chloe Neill is a phenomenal writer who truly loves her fans. And we love her for it.

What about you, Saucy Reader? Can you narrow down your favorite author to one choice? Or do you have another famous person who has touched your life in some way? Tell us about it below!


  1. I love her too <3 and I still am so jealous of that autogroaph! :p

  2. When people ask me who is my favorite author I have no problem saying it is Chloe Neill.CLV is the series that stays with me all year, not just when the next book published and everyone who knows me knows of my obsession with Chloe Neill and Ethan sullivan ;)

  3. Love her and CLV!! <3
    I'm jealous of the autograph but really happy for you! ;)

  4. Great job of summarizing the many reasons that so many of us love Chloe Neill!!


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