Quote of the Day

"This is bullshit."

This time, Chip wasn’t the only one to be distracted. There was no mistaking that creepy falsetto. And it wasn’t Charity they were looking at, either. It was Oscar.

"We weren’t told about no elimination round. This ain’t fair."

Faye blushed to the roots of her flaming auburn hair, and said, "Any of us can get eliminated at any time. Deal with it." She was talking to Oscar, too.

"This is BULLSHIT."

In a very good Elvis-like Tennessee drawl, Chip said, "Now if we can all just calm down a minute."


Faye held up her hand as if to shield herself from Charity, and said, "You think having a puppet in your hand gives you the right to act like a spoiled little brat?"

"It’s not me," Charity said in a quavery voice, a completely different voice from Oscar’s, and an actual tear rolled down her cheek.

"THIS - IS - BULLSHIT!" Oscar’s head popped up and down like he was on a pogo stick.

~ Jordan Castillo Price, Magic Mansion


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