Dream Cast: Black Dagger Brotherhood Edition

I thought it was time for some Man Candy!! Some Black Dagger Brotherhood Man Candy, to be exact. We haven’t been the first, and I dare say we won’t be the last, to tackle the colossal task of trying to put faces to J.R. Ward’s larger-than-life characters.

Collage by Olga Daniels
It’s Spring 2013–what actors/celebrities are in our minds at this moment in time? Will these people still be the front runners a year or two from now, or will someone new come along to bump them off the list? This is all purely subjective–and just for fun–so sit back and enjoy my grueling, labor-intensive efforts to find just the right yummy men from all those currently beckoning to us from our television, movie, and computer screens. You’re welcome!

Disclaimer: All the Brothers are huge, gorgeous alpha males with enormous penises that can go for hours. If the actors I’ve selected aren’t at least 6’5” and 250 lbs. in Real Life, we’ll need to use our imaginations, because there aren’t many heartthrobs out there boasting those proportions. It’s more fun that way, anyway. Also, I’m not Photoshopping scars and/or tattoos onto the photos; I just can’t bring myself to deface these pictures.

Click through to see the beautiful man candy! If you haven’t read the books, be warned that there are mild spoilers included in the character descriptions.

Wrath is the Blind King of the vampires. His eyesight, which was always poor, recently failed completely. He has long black hair, pale green eyes (hidden by sunglasses), and tattoos on both forearms detailing royal lineage. He’s a scary badass!! I mean, all the Brothers are scary badasses, but I think he’s the scariest of the bunch.


Tohrment is introduced as the calm, steady Brother. He has intense blue eyes, short dark hair, and a strong face. He becomes a foster father to John Matthew. His shellan, Wellsie, is murdered, and he goes off the rails. Tohr is missing for several books, and eventually returns a changed man (er, vampire).


Rhage is also known as “Hollywood” because of his moviestar good looks. He has curly blonde hair, Bahama blue eyes, chiseled jaw and cheekbones, lips you wanna kiss, and a multicolored tattoo of a clawed dragon covers his entire back. Just don’t make him angry—he really becomes an animal.


Zsadist has a scar which runs from his forehead all the way down to his mouth.  He has slave bands tattooed in black around his neck and wrists. He has extensive scarring on his back, pierced nipples, and a gauge in his left earlobe. He has a buzzcut, and his eyes are black when angry and yellow when not. When we first met him, they were black all the time.


Twin brother of Zsadist, he has a mane of multicolored hair you want to run your fingers through. He has unusual yellow eyes. While saving his brother from slavery, he lost half of his right leg; he now wears a prosthetic limb. He’s an elegant dresser.


Butch is the only human who has ever been accepted into the inner circle of the Brotherhood. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, a black tattoo at the base of the spine, and a crooked nose. He’s a Red Sox fan, but he has become quite the metrosexual clotheshorse since meeting up with the Brothers. He and V are besties.


Vishous, the smartest of the Brothers, has black hair and goatee, a tattoo on his right temple, and other tattoos on his groin area and thighs. He always wears a leather glove on his right hand because his hand alone is a lethal weapon. V’s a reader favorite who has a penchant for BDSM.


Rehv’s not an official member of the Brotherhood, although his sister is married to one. He has a black mohawk, amethyst eyes, and red star tattoos on his pecs. He walks with a cane and wears a full-length fur coat. He is a symphath, a subspecies within the vampire race, with the ability to manipulate and feed off the emotions in others.


John Matthew (my personal favorite) is the reincarnation of Darius, a beloved Brother who died at the very beginning of the series. He has no memory of his former life, and the Brothers don’t even know all the details. They think he is an unknown son of Darius. He has recently gone through transition, and has dark hair and deep blue eyes. He was born without a larynx, and communicates with sign language.


Qhuinn is one of John Matthew’s best friends. He has dark hair and mismatched eyes—one blue and one green. He is quite the ladies man (i.e., manwhore). He and Blay have many threesomes with random girls when they first go through transition. Their relationship: “It’s complicated.”


Blay is John Matthew’s other close friend. He has red hair, brilliant blue eyes, and full lips. He is shorter than Qhuinn and John Matthew, and a snazzier dresser. He has been in love with Qhuinn for a long time, but is in a steady relationship with Saxton. Wrath assigns him to be John Matthew’s bodyguard.


Saxton is a lawyer for the glymera (aristocracy). He is a wealthy, successful young man who falls for Blaylock. He has wavy blonde hair and gray eyes. He is also Qhuinn’s cousin.


Manny is a handsome doctor with thick dark hair, brown eyes, and a strong jaw. He falls in love with Payne, the twin sister of Vishous. He operates on her when she becomes paralyzed.


And last, but certainly not least...

George is King Wrath’s faithful canine companion. He came on board when the Blind King completely lost his sight. In the books, George is a golden retriever, but I wanted an opportunity to show an adorable dog named Ella, who belongs to a very good friend of ours.


So, Saucy Readers, did you enjoy the man candy? Thanks for spending some time with me as I attempted to cast the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Dang it, J.R., do guys like this really exist in real life?


  1. Love you choices!! But must admit I can't see Paul Walker as Z and Phury.

    Also...JASON MOMOA is sooooo Wrath!!

    1. Thanks Shau! You know, it was very difficult to cast Z/Phury. Once I decided on PW, it was almost i possible to find a photo of him without a huge grin on his face.

    2. Try Travis Fimmel. He looks good for the twins

  2. I adore Jason Momoa as Wrath...so perfect!

    Ella is such a great choice for George. Other than she is a she...but she would gladly help lead the Blind King anywhere! She has star quality all about her.

    1. I completely agree, Natalie. We need to let Ella's "mom" know she's a hit!

  3. The first time I saw Jason Momoa on Game of Thrones i immediately thought of Wrath. He's the perfect choice.

    Not sure I see Bradley Cooper as Rhage. I think Ryan Reynolds could better pull off his whole persona, especially the sense of humor

    1. I may have just watched Silver Linings Playbook when I decided Bradley Cooper needed to be in this post. I remember having a great photo of Ryan Reynolds all ready to use and no where to put it. I was disappointed about that.

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Jessie Pavelka is a perfect Rhage for me

  4. Love BDB, and love seeing your choices! It's always interesting to see how readers "cast" the BDB, as everyone has very different views on how they see these characters. I defo agree with Jason Momoa as Wrath and David Gandy as Vishous.

    One correction, though, if I may -- Blay is not the one whom Wrath appointed as JM's ahstrux nohtrum (bodyguard). That honor went to Qhuinn. :) Also, I'm assuming that this was written before Lover At Last (Qhuinn's book) was released in late March? I ask because, clearly, Qhuay's relationship has been resolved now, and the descriptions of Qhuinn and Blay's characters are no longer entirely accurate. Maybe an addendum is in order to update the readers on Qhuay, as their relationship is no longer so "complicated" after all. ;)

    Otherwise, great job! The dog is abso adorable, no matter how different she looks from George the Golden Retriever (ironically, the only character in these books who's easy to "cast" ;) ).

  5. Oh, thank you for the catch. I can't believe I did that! And yes, I did this post early in March. Oh well, I wouldn't have wanted to cut Joseph Morgan out in any event - he's there for my friend Molly. ;)

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm especially thrilled Ella is getting some good comments. She's such a sweetie!

  6. Check out this guy. He would be a great BDB.


  7. Everyone has different views but when i read about these beautiful charcaters this is how i vision them to be:
    Jason Momoa as Wrath
    Henry Cavill as Rhage
    Brad Pitt as Zsadist and Phury
    Gerard Butler as Butch
    David Grandy as Vishous
    Luke Evansas Rehvenge
    Paul Walker as John Matthew
    Josh Lucas as Manny
    Mathew Fox as Thorment
    Shemar Moore as Trez
    iAm as Bryton James
    And they all rock my world...they take me to a new heights i always seem to enjoy and can' get over
    However, my favourite character is Zsadist. He stole my heart from the very begining.


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