Fangirl Friday: This Is Us Eye Candy

Are you as obsessed with This is Us as we are, Saucy Readers? Several of us are head over heels in love with this show. That is what brings me here today. In addition to out of this world acting, there is some serious, Grade A man candy on this show. I am here today to share the love and to tell you to watch this show!! Seriously, it's the best. But, be prepared to have your heart wrenched at least once in every episode. Come with me after the break to see the sights!

First up, perpetual good guy and Kate's boyfriend, fiance, whatever he is now, Toby Damon played by Chris Sullivan. 
Now, you nay have heard some controversy recently that Chris wears a fat suit on the show. It's true. However, that does not detract me from his adorableness both on the show and in real life. He seems, from interviews, like a genuinely nice guy and his character is the best. He doesn't take any of Kate's shit. He's hilarious and kind and fun. So, while he may not be as conventionally attractive as Kevin or Randall, Toby has won all of the viewers' hearts.

Helloooo, sir..

Look at this adorable weirdo!
Dapper as fuck.

Let's move on to our patriarch's BFF, Miguel played by Jon Huertas. 
In direct contrast to Toby, Miguel is disliked by a portion of the fandom. If you haven't seen the show, I will refrain from saying why. Just trust me that he is. I think it's entirely unfounded. Miguel has been nothing but the best friend/almost uncle a family could ask for. And, his portrayer is pretty easy on the eyes too.

He looks like he is the nicest guy.

Look at that bit of gray, love it.

With a beard, damn..
And now, classic pretty boy and budding Broadway actor, Kevin Pearson played by Justin Hartley. 
Oh Kevin. That's really all that can be said about Kevin. He really means well, he just doesn't always go about it the right way. But, his heart is in the right place and that's what counts. He's also trying to make himself better, and that's what really endears him to me. Well, that and his ridiculous handsomeness. 
That smile. I just can't with that.

Come on, dude. Look at you...
Look at those arms!

And now, my personal favorite character, overachieving Randall Pearson played by Sterling K Brown. 
I can not say enough good things about both Randall and Sterling. Randall is a smart, anxious, overachieving, working himself to death, all around nice guy. He is played to perfection by Sterling K Brown. Seriously, give this man all of the awards. Every single one. He is amazingly talented and he looks like this....

Look at him....

Now that's just not fair...

Finally, we have Pearson family patriarch Jack Pearson played by Milo Ventimiglia. 
Long time readers may recall that I have a huge slight obsession with Gilmore Girls, where Milo played bad boy Jess Mariano. I've loved him since then. So, really, I started watching this show because of him. It's nice to watch him grow into his role as father figure and husband. It's a big change even from 30 something Jess in the Gilmore revival. He plays it well. I'll be interested to see him stretch his acting muscles as we get further into the series and the Pearson family's life. Anyway, even though he has that terrible mustache in some of the flashbacks, he doesn't always look like that.

Looking all shaved and dapper.
There's the brooding bad boy.

God damn.....

Well, that's all I've got Saucy Readers. I hope you enjoyed the Men of This is Us. I certainly enjoyed righting it. Do you watch the show? Do you love it and them as much as I do? Are there any other shows you'd like to see a Man Candy of? Let me know below!


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