Fangirl Friday: Stardew Valley!

Okay, so it's ridiculous. But honestly, it's amazing!

Right now, I need escapism more than I need almost anything else. This is how I've come to sink unfathomable numbers of hours into playing this daffy little game. See, it's like Farmville, right? From Facebook? But it's everything Farmville should have been and *wasn't.* No advertising, no requests for equipment, no spamming everyone you've ever known for help with your broccoli. None of that.

Here's the gig. When you were a little kid, your grandfather had a farm. In the opening sequence, Grandfather dies. He passes along a mysterious envelope for when you are all grown up and are feeling the crushing weight of the day-in, day-out working life. When you're in that space, you open the envelope and inside... is the deed to the farm!

Off you go!  You meet all the villagers, go on little quests, go exploring, farming, foraging, mining, fishing, and you build buildings and turn milk into cheese. You have relationship meters with all the characters, and even have the opportunity - *if you want it* to choose a spouse and start a life!

Yes, it's sprite graphics. Yes, my eight-year-old also loves it. but seriously. In a world going more and more insane by the day, the simplicity and focus, the small town community... it's exactly what the doctor (Harvey?) ordered.


  1. I"m trying to marry Harvey... if you google the wikia page that helps you find certain things and tells you what different villagers like...they show you what the characters have looked like through the different stages of development. Harvey was super cute at the beginning. Plus, being married to a Dr means fewer medical bills yes? ;)

  2. My friend has been gushing about this game and it's the main reason why I want to buy a new laptop. It sounds like a fun time!


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