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Angela: Yes, no change this week with what I’m reading. I’m still reading The Blood Mirror (Lightbringer #4) by Brent Weeks. As a person who has raved and raved about Brent Weeks I have to say this is the weakest book in the series. I’m not being drawn in like previous installments and the book feels a lot like nothing is really happening. Hopefully I’ll finish it this week. I’ve already read ahead in my favourite POV’s chapters. Alas the story feels that disconnected from each character. Which is a shame as there isn’t a lot of POV characters.

Anne: I’ve been on a fanfiction binge lately, so I haven’t progressed any further in my CLV re-read. But, I only have two books left, so I’ve got plenty of time. I am just about done with Shadowfever in my Fever re-listen. This is such a spectacular book. I can’t wait to see what Feversong has in store.

Barb: I have just about finished rereading American Queen, and you should read it. You really really should. Then talk with me about it. I'm dying to talk to someone about it. As soon as I finish that I'm ready to continue Malcolm X's Autobiography. 

Care:  This week has been a bit of a challenge, between doctor and dental appointments, new medications and their side effects, the ramp-up to the holiday, and all the rest, so I’ve been slow. I’m still reading Skin Game (Harry Dresden #15), and having a blast doing it - I just wish I had a lot more time!

Donna:  I haven’t had much reading time this week, but Bloodfever (Fever #2) by Karen Marie Moning is still at the top of my to-do list (well, after work, eating, sleeping and Christmas prep).

Kathi: I’m still reading NOS4A2, and listening to it on the treadmill, and it’s totally creeping me out. No one writes horror thrillers like the King family. And on the “vast wasteland”, I finally started watching Orphan Black. All great stuff, all helping transfer anxieties from real world problems and my tardy holiday tasks, if only temporarily.  

Merit:  I am rereading Faefever (Fever#3). Mac is growing on me, I was on her side from the beginning, but I feel that in this one her changeover starts for real. This is a dark book and Mac gets darker, she is alone and needs all her wits with her. Reading the book with the knowledge I have now make me see most of the characters in a different light. This read is even better than the first time.


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