What The Wenches Are Reading.

The Wenches are soldiering through their TBR lists! We're determined Wenches! Lots of new reads on our lists this week! Featuring zombies, post apocalyptic England, parallel romances set in the same place but different timelines, and more!

Click through to see what we've been reading, and please share what you've been up to, Saucy reader!

Amanda: This week I am back in Dublin. I have gone back to my Fever series reread, picking up in Bloodfever where I left off. It's good to be home!

Angela: This week I'm on King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence and I've probably read about two chapters all week. With the end of the school year and Christmas fast approaching, it doesn't leave much time for reading. Hopefully more time to read next week.

Barb: With holiday decorating, crafting, and baking in full swing I did not have a lot of reading time this week, but when I did I was firmly ensconced in Unholy Ghosts. I've not forgotten how amazing Downside Ghosts is, but the details are just as amazing as they were the first time I read this series. I'm so happy that I can see even more clearly this time when Chess tells us why she makes such awful choices. I also see her feelings for Terrible waaaaaaay before she does, and I can see, almost out of the corner of my eye, his feelings for her. Seriously, if you haven't read Downside, you really, REALLY should! Remember when I wrote a whole post about why? If not, check it out here.

Care: It's been another busy week for me, reading-wise! I'm going through the Anita Blake books like woah, and as long as I stop after Cerulean Sins, I won't even have to deal with the WTF-ery that is a series that moves so far from its original concept that it's like really bad fanfic OF really bad fanfic *ahem* Anyway. So, I've made it through the end of Circus of the Damned, and started and finished Bloody Bones, The Lunatic Cafe, and The Killing Dance. Maybe I'll make my reading goal after all...

Kathi: I read The Winter Sea, a book I’ve been looking forward to with great anticipation. It took me a bit to get used to alternating between two parallel romances that unfold at a castle overlooking the Scottish coast, one contemporary and one set during the first Jacobite uprising of 1708, but once I got into both stories I could not put this book down. As an Outlander fan, I enjoyed learning more about the earlier uprising and its roots. (No doubt I would have been scheming along with them if I’d lived then.) I loved the stories, but this is more of a traditional historical romance than I usually read. I found myself wishing it had more details about the interactions between the long-ago lovers, but I know Gabaldon’s lengthy novels have skewed my expectations in that regard. Overall, I loved this book and wanted it to go on and on! And the author’s imagery is mesmerizing, particularly the seascapes.
Merit: I am not a zombie fan, but I must recommend The Britannia Conspiracy by Peter Middleton. It is completely different from your usual zombie novels. It’s an anapocalyptic thriller, a clever fantasy balancing action, history, intrigue, horror, humor, romance, and the possible end of Britain. Next I had another read, set again in a post-apocalyptic world (that's the mood I am in this week), Madeline Sheehan’s The Soul Mate (The Holy Trinity #1). I started the book because I enjoyed some of her other books, and soon I was enjoying this sexy paranormal tale immensely: Alpha gypsies, magic, vampires. To my surprise, I didn’t mind the love triangle, though it made me apprehensive at times. Starting the next installment soon.

Shau: I'm still reading The Darkest Touch by G. Showalter. Real life got in the way but so far the book is fun, sexy and intriguing, I hope it stays that way.............damn you life...damn you.......

Zee: It's been an off week for me. No reading at all, boo. I kinda started a couple of new things here and there, but gave up after a chapter or so because I kept getting distracted. Maybe next week will be better for me reading wise. I'm leaning towards starting The Restorer


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