What the Wenches Are Reading


Click through to see what the very smart Wenches are reading this week. And share your reading choices in the comments below!

Amanda: Even though I had a birthday blowout in Chicago visiting two of our favorite Wenches, Anne & Natalie, I did find a little time to read on the plane. I'm still reading A Feast For Crows & A Dance With Dragons, *and* I just read an exciting reveal in ADWD!!

Angela: I'm on to Book #2 of the Sebastian St Cyr series When Gods Die by C.S. Harris. I'm really enjoying it and I did not pick who the murderer was. Also a good sign in a murder mystery book. I will be continuing with this series as Harris draws such a convincing picture of early 19th century London that I'm drawn in to find out more as the series progresses.

Anne: I don't really have anything to add this week. I'm in a bit of a reading slump. (Head Wench note: so share some suggestions with Anne!)

Barb: I still have The Fiery Heart open on my e-reader, but I've reached the point where I don't want to read any further until I have Silver Shadows to move right on to. So, I may put it away until late July. If so, I'll be reading Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things for an upcoming review and giveaway--so stay tuned!

Care: This week has been light.  I got caught up playing Plants vs. Zombies 2, and that somehow ate up a ludicrous number of hours in my day.  However, I did get some progress made in Living With Intensity, and Home Learning Year By Year.  Neither fiction, but both absolutely worth my time, so I'm calling it a win.

Donna: This week it's all about Diana Gabaldon. I downloaded Written In My Own Heart's Blood and finished it in two days. I also have an autographed hardcover copy, which I am anxious to start re-reading.
Kathi: I finished reading Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, and I loved it so much I’m positively glowing! I’ll be walking around in a euphoric daze for quite a while. And I plan to reread it right away via the audio book—while I fly home from my vacation and catch up with gardening and yard work—so I can catch more of the many, many details that I missed or didn’t take the time to fully savor in my haste to finish.
Merit: It took me half of this week to get to the end of Written in my own Heart’s Blood. I loved every minute of it. It was beautiful to watch characters grow and evolve. Waiting for this book was one of the longest wait I had between books (5 years!). Let us hope for a shorter waiting period till the next one. I will reread the book soon.

Natalie: Hello Saucy readers,  I'm slacking on my post this week because I'm hanging with Wenches Anne and Amanda in Chicago.  I did mange to get my very excited hands on The Book of Life and all I can now it that it was so worth the wait.   Don't know what is on the dockets for this week but I'm off to spend Wench time.  Happy reading all.

Zee: I've been have THE best weekend with Head Wench Barb. But this past week I had been making my way through free e-books I downloaded on amazon and never read. oh man, I read some BAD shit. Nothing worth mentioning. I did read one okay book from my free book collection, The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden was not half as bad as few books I read before it. I also started Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman. Not very good yet.


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