Fangirl Fridays : From Page To Screen

Favorite On Screen Adaptations : Edition 1

Hello all Wench followers. I am truly amazed at how time flies, I cannot believe we are creeping into July!!!! Real life just seems to get in the way of so much fun. However if you follow me through the jump, I would love to help give you a break from reality for a bit with some of my favorite Man Candy. And it's not just any Man Candy, but the special kind that came to life on screen from pages of books and comics!

So I’m going to start off with a classic Wench favorite. Mr. Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsguard! Too bad I’m not a huge fan of the books anymore but I still have a hot spot in my heart for Eric! In truth I still have the Eric Northman watches poster on my bedroom door; nothing like a sexy vampire to watch you sleep! 

Next I’m moving on to Vlad, aka Dracula! Now I know we all have our favorite literary version of him as well as our favorite screen version but this one is MY favorite! Mr. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, please make me yours. Any time, any place you please!
Seeing as I’m still on a Vampire kick here, I have to add one of my teenage Vampire crushes to the list. Mr. Brad Pit as Louis de Pointe du Lac. I love a vampire who is not exactly all that happy to be a vampire, they tend to brood more and that is sexy. I would love to have his lips on my neck, even with the wig!

The final Vampire for my list, and in no way is he the least favorite for me, Mr. Jasper Cullen.  You'll be hard pressed to find many Wenches on Team Twilight, but you can forget team Edward or Jacob--this Wench is on team Jasper Cullen! Jackson Rathbone, is every bit Jasper Cullen, and his sexy dimple and the curve of his lips, just melt me. Jasper you can control my emotions any day!


Now on to some characters from some more recent books/movies.
He’s not a classic yet but I do love me some Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Winter in Wisconsin would be so much more bearable if I spend it with Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow!

So this Hunk of Man Candy in a kilt is not on the screen just yet, but will be in a matter of weeks. Mr. Jamie Fraser from Outlander is about to be brought to life by Sam Heughan and let me tell you I cannot wait to catch his legs in the kilts he will be wearing!
  The rapidly growing and popular Divergent series introduces you to Tobias Eaton, aka Four. We now get to lust after Mr. Theo James as Four for a total of, well four movies! Four is just as good looking coming as he is going! Mmm, I would love to walk through my fear landscape with him holding my hand!

 I may have overlooked this next piece of Man Candy in his role in Divergent as Tris’s brother, but there was no way to miss him in The Fault in Our Stars as Gus. Mr. Ansel Elgort captured my heart and helped me shed a lot of tears, I’m talking the ugly cry, in the movie theater. He may be young but I’ll have fun watching him over the years to come! Not to mention in the next three Divergent movies, I won't make the same mistake of missing him in those!

Josh Hutcherson sure makes me Hungry for him in the Hunger Games as Peeta Mellark!  So yes I declare, I’m on Team Peeta! I would always be on Peeta’s team after his amazing baking skills and all he does for his love, Katniss.

I may not have completed reading the book Winter’s Tale but I wanted to see the movie before it left the theater.  When the film started rolling and we are introduced to Peter Lake, a thief played by Colin Farrell, it was my heart that was stolen as well as my words.  I may not be able to sum up in words how much I loved Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Peter Lake, but I sure do want to drool at his photo.  
 Lets move on to some classic characters, and a few not so classic pieces of deliciousness.

Round one of the classic character turned Man Candy is Captain Hook.  Now I'm not one to always go for the bad boy, but this newer casting of Wench favorite Colin O'Donoghue makes being bad Ooo so good. 

Before I move on to my next round of classic characters, I have to mention another Captain! Captain Jack Sparrow played by none other than the sexy and fabulous Johnny Depp!  I don’t have anything more to say, other than I'd love to be stranded with some rum on an island with him!

Round two of the classic character revamped! Though there have been some good looking Sherlock Holmes on our screens but I'm going not with Holmes (though Robert Downey Jr. does make one FINE looking Holmes) because I have to say I am a fan of Jude Law as Watson! Those baby blues can help me solve crime and keep me out of trouble any time!

Third and final round of classics for this Edition of Page to Screen Man Candy, would have to go to Legolas from Lord of the Rings. I’ve never wanted to learn Evlish so bad in my life, as I did the moment I saw Orland Bloom cross the screen for the first time in Lord of The Rings. I don’t think I like Orlando any other way than blond, blue eyes, and pointy ears.

Now I can tell you the last comic book I picked up was an Archie back in the day. However with in the last few years there are some HOT actors who are playing roles in movies based on comic books. So here is my tribute to those characters!

I hang my head in shame that I've not caught hours of watching Captain America on the big screen but all the images I've come across so far, he is one Captain I’d salute! Thank you Chris Evans for your contribution to the comic book Man Candy!

This superhero has a hammer and he knows how to use it! Thor, you beautiful blonde god that you are! If it were not for Chris Hemsworth, I would have never watched that movie. Thank you for making me enjoy the movie, Chris.

I know, I know I'm slacking on watching the movies but Superman played by Mr. Henry Cavill, I think I've just been waiting for the right night at home to drool without being watched! For my fellow Wenches have made sure I've not been with out eye candy of him in all his glory. I’ve never wanted to be a pair of tights so bad in my life!
Before I head back to the land of job deadlines and real world commitments I'm going to give you one last comic crush I have. Wolverine! Hugh Jackman! I need not say more!

Well that is all for now,  leave a comment below on what Page to Screen character you’d like to see featured in a future Man Candy post!


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