What the Wenches Are Reading

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Angela: Not a lot of reading going on this week, as we've been busy holidaying in California, USA. Managed to read about 100 pages of Night of Knives (Malazan Empire #1) by Ian Esselmont. 

Anne: I haven’t been doing much book reading recently. Nothing seems to hold my interest. But, I enjoyed the audio book of Behind Closed Doors so much, I am now listening to B.A. Paris’s The Breakdown. It is really good as well.

Barb: As Grant was leaning into his new job as Commanding General of the Army I needed a break and New Orleans was calling. So I turned to the almighty Google for suggestions on the best NOLA novels, who found the Rickey and G-Man books by Poppy Z. Brite. I just finished Liquor and loved it! New Orleans was a vital character, in the sense that this plot set in any different location would be a completely different book. I also loved Rickey and G-Man, both independently and as a couple, I was riveted by the story, and was left very hungry by the descriptions of scrumptious food. I'm not sure if this book helped sate me until I can get back to NOLA, or if it just left me even more ravenous to return ASAP. 

Kathi: I managed to read only one chapter of Artemis this week, and I’d already read the chapter a week before but couldn’t remember it. I’ve been focused completely on preparing for Christmas holidays and a visit from Wench Angela’s family! But every night, I watched Dark on Netflix, by the woodstove in a basement lit by candlelight, which really enhanced the show’s rich atmospheric ambiance! Dark is slow, but the end of episode three hooked me deeply, and I was mesmerized after that, watching the mysteries slowly unravel. If you love creepy mysteries and time-travel paradoxes, you might want to give Dark a try! Since then, my TV has played the Outlander finale on infinite loop! Last night, Wench Angela arrived, so we’re off to go sightseeing today! I predict very little reading, but lots of talking about reading!! 

Merit: Didn’t have a lot of time to read. Just got a recommendation, and started reading it. Inescapable (The Premonition #1 ) by Amy A. Bartol. I’m just at the beginning. I’m not sure about it yet. It’s starts like so many other paranormal YA book. Let’s see where it takes me.

Zee: I need some comfort reading this week that will cheer me up and Tessa Dare is something I know will work. I got her The Duchess Deal on my kindle and cannot wait to start it. 


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