So Many Questions: Lucky Break Edition

Hey Saucy Readers! I'm back, this time with a short one this time, Lucky Break. This is one of the short stories within the series. It's a little less than 100 pages, so this will be a short post. Keep reading after the break for my questions!

How many clans are there?
Clans were, as far as I remembered from the official vampire Canon, groups of Rogue vampires—those who didn’t reside in a House—living together just as a human family might. Where Rogues generally preferred to live alone, vampires in Clans lived together, like unofficial Houses. Unregulated Houses, so they acted like human families to keep their profile low and rarely revealed their existence.
Are there a lot of clans in the US? Is it more of a Europe thing? Why don't the clans petition to become Houses? Do they not want the rules and regulations? How are clans formed? Do a bunch of Rogues just get together and decide to form one? Do they have to make some sort of petition to the GP? Are clans mostly in areas where there are no Houses? Or, is there some overlap?

How much experience does Ethan have with children?
Ethan regarded Rowan as if he was a spoiled child. "Are you threatening me now?"
As far as I recall, Ethan wasn't married and didn't have children when he was turned. Does he have any experience caring for children? I would think a boy, born in his time, would have been taught survival skills, not child care. So, is it possible he doesn't? Has Ethan ever been around a child for a length of time? Does he know how to interact with them? I'm currently picturing Ethan Sullivan trying to entertain my three year's a pretty funny picture. I'm not so sure how Ethan would handle it. I mean, he's Ethan, so I would imagine he'd come out on top in the end, but at what cost to his pride and his suits?

Are all children of shifters born a shifter?
I guessed this was Tom McKenzie, the sheriff. While he might have shared a name with the shifters, he was decidedly human. I found myself grateful for that, if confused.
Is there the shifter equivalent of a squib, for lack of a better term? Or, are all children of two shifters automatically born shifters also? Is Jamie Breckenridge a squib? Is that why they are so protective of him? Are there varying degrees of shifter power? What would happen if a shifter married a human? Or is that not allowed? Let's assume that it is allowed. Would their children by shifters or human? Or, would they be slightly enhanced humans? Is there anyway to become a shifter other than being born one?

Do the clanned vampires recognize the authority of the GP/AAM?
"This is Ethan Sullivan, Master of Cadogan House and member of the Assembly, and his Sentinel, Merit."The vampires dropped suddenly and immediately to their knees."Sire," they said to Ethan in unison, with obvious gravity.
If the clans do recognize the authority of the Assembly, then why bother with the whole clan thing and just be a House? Do Rogues recognize the Assembly's authority as well? Are there Rogue delegates in the Assembly? Or clan delegates?

Is Ethan serious about this?
“I’m scanning the index.”      “Of what? The Big Book of Inter-Sup Feuds?”      “No. We don’t have that one. The update subscription’s too expensive. We do carry the Directory of Notable North American Feuds.”      As he sounded utterly serious—and rarely was anything otherwise—I kept the follow-up question to myself. Namely: How was there a cottage industry in supernatural feud directories?
Merit is right, Ethan isn't usually one for jokes. But, is this one of his rare jokes? Or, is he actually serious about this? If he is, how many feuds are there in North America to require a directory? I mean....I know vampires and other supernaturals live a long time, but come on? Are there really that many feuds? Or, is Ethan just messing with Merit and her newbie status? The world will never know.

Is there no option to be a Rogue in the shifter community?
"There are, as you know, four Packs in the United States. Colorado is within the NAC's territory, and that makes the McKenzie family, whether they prefer to admit it or not, part of the Pack."
This statement from Gabriel would lead me to believe there isn't. But, is that the case? Can you just leave the Pack without joining another one? If you can't, why not? Is it some sort of secrecy protection thing? Or, do shifters just not like the idea of Rogues?

Can we see this talking to between Merit and Tanya's sister, Emma? Please?
"Can I sit her down and give her a talking-to?”      His smile widened, with something a little bit bashful at the edges. “No.”      I humphed but turned back to the front again. “All right. But you decide you’re ready for that heart-to-heart, and I’m all over it.”      “I’ll keep that in mind."
We all want Damien to be happy. He's a nice guy, and he's good to Merit. Can we pretty please see the dressing down Merit gives Emma? We need it.!

What the hell kind of sheriff are you, Tom McKenzie?
"Well," Tom said, looking at the rest of us, "glad to see you're all in one piece. We saw the smoke, got the call when the fire department hauled out."Ethan didn't pull his punch. "Considering the McKenzies attempted to burn us out, yes."Tom just stared at him. "Burn you out? The department didn't say anything about arson."
What the hell, Sheriff? Did you think their house randomly burned down in the middle of this ongoing vampire/shifter feud? Hours after you were called in for an altercation? Did you think that was a fucking coincidence? Use your fucking brain, sheriff!

What were Taran and Nessa planning to do when Taran got older and died?
"If Nessa and Taran are married,” I said, “why is it in Taran’s name?”      “The land has always been in the McKenzies’ names. They filed homesteading claims before the Marchands got to it. That’s one of the reasons for tension in the valley. The shifters have the land; the vampires have the money.”      “Compound interest,” Ethan and I simultaneously said.      Tom nodded. “And there’s the practical issue—Taran couldn’t have put the trust documents in Nessa’s name—not when she’d never age. It would have been too obvious she was different.”
We know that shifters most likely age at a slower rate than humans. But still, eventually Taran was going to die. What were their plans for that eventuality? What would have happened to the land and the house then? 

Well, that's it for this one! I told you, it's a shorty. Did I miss any of your questions? Let me know below and keep your eyes out for the next edition! 


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