Fangirl Friday: Sterling K Brown

Happy Friday Saucy Readers! This Fangirl Friday, I am here to share with you some delicious man candy. Given the nature of our blog, we don't discuss our favorite TV shows very often, but quite a few of us love emotional powerhouse, This Is Us. I've actually already shared some of my favorite man candy from the show here. Today, I am going to focus on my favorite character on the show, Randall Pearson aka Sterling K Brown. Keep reading after the break to see some goodies and read some of me gushing about this talented, gorgeous man.

Now, before we delve into the good stuff, I want to say that this man is extraordinary. It is a tragedy that he has not been recognized for his work before now. Not only is he immensely talented, he is also a devoted family man and an activist. But, that is information for another post. Now, let's move on to the eye candy!

Nothing hotter than a good father.

Thank you, Ellen for giving us this.
He is just so stunning.
That smile, though....

This is just ridiculous.
So handsome.

With a beard. My favorite.
I am a sucker for some nice arms and these are just......::Sigh::

And, finally....

You're welcome.
I hope you enjoyed this foray into Sterling K Brown eye candy. I certainly enjoyed putting it together. And, if you aren't watching This Is Us, you should start! But, be prepared to have your heard ripped from your chest on a weekly basis. And, I'll be back sometime to talk about the wonderful man Sterling seems to be, in addition to being really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Are you a Sterling fan or a This Is Us fan? Let me know below!


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