What The Wenches Are Reading

We're a little light on post-holiday reading, but a few Wenches have checked in. Lots of typical favorites on our list this week, unsurprising with new released rapidly approaching. What's on your list this week, Saucy Reader?

Anne: I finished Midnight Marked Monday night. That proposal and subsequent party...::sigh::... We were lucky enough to receive access to an advanced copy of the soon-to-be-released Methan short story, Phantom Kiss, so I moved on to that. In the audiobook world, I started Feverborn and I’m trying desperately to finish it before Feversong is released!

Barb: I've been reading one of Carrie Fisher's memoirs, Wishful Drinking. That woman was brilliant and hilarious. I'd like to be as audacious as she was when I grow up. I paused in that when our advance copy of Phantom Kiss, the Chicagoland Vamps novella, hit my eReader. You guys. It's fantastic. I know I say that about every Chloe Neill book and novella, but it really is! I can't wait for you all to read it. 

Care:  So, this set of weeks is always really slow for reading. I’m always finishing knitting a sweater at breakneck speeds (even if I cast it on in July, I’m still up until 4am in December), and otherwise dealing with the insanity that is holidays with kids. This year has been no exception, though instead of having lounge time between Christmas and New Year’s, we were stuffed to the gills with hockey (Seriously - between the 26th and the 2nd, we had two practices, a party, and a game!). And so, my reading list is ridiculously short - this week, I read How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets by Dana White of A Slob Comes Clean. Started and finished in a span of a week with a lot else going on, so, a quick read - but so far, it’s been really helpful besides!

Kathi: I’m still rereading and listening to Burned. I had very little time to read over the last week, due to holiday traveling and visiting, but now that I’m back home I expect to zip through the second half plus Feverborn before the Feversong release party in NOLA next week!!  

Merit: I finished rereading Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie Moning. I am leaving here two quotes; there is nothing else for me to say. A) “…Don’t leave me.” I thrash in the sheets. “I’m not, Mac.” I know I am dreaming then, because dreams are home to the absurd and what he says next is beyond absurd. “You’re leaving me, Rainbow Girl.” B) “No!” I screamed. I’d thought I lost everything. I hadn’t. I stared at the person who lay dead on the floor of the forest. The person I’d helped to kill. Now I’d lost everything. Looking for books by Dianna Love, I found one called Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love. It’s the first book of a series called Belador. This is an UF with supernatural beings, demons, witches, and warlocks. Looks interesting so far.


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