What the Wenches are Reading

This week, we have several Wenches in the Night Huntress world, several in the Chicagoland Vampires world, and a few making their way through long treks through beloved series! Click through to find out what else the Wenches are reading this week, and tell us what you're reading.

Amanda: I have finally finished A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin! In true GRRM fashion, he ripped my heart out and left me screaming, "WHYYYYY???!!!". I've been working on the A Song of Ice and Fire series for over a year now! I'm excited to finally have read them all!

Angela: Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon. The end is in sight. Gabaldon has now made my stomach churn twice and I recommend not reading about leg amputations right before bed. It makes it hard to sleep. Loving this book and it's one of my favorites. Who could believe over 800 pages could be so action packed?

Anne: I'm back to my Iced re-read. Someday I'll get through this and move onto Burned. Some day. I've been trying to listen to The Book Thief as my latest audio book, but it hasn't been playing nice. I may give it up for a bit and move on to either The Martian or a "re-read" of A Song of Ice and Fire (inspired by Wench Amanda).

Barb: I finished The Ruby Circle, and enjoyed it. It's not the best in the series, IMO, but the pacing and plot were good, and we got a very satisfying conclusion for Sydrian, so who could ask for more? Look for a full review here soon. I've attempted three books since finishing Ruby Circle, but nothing's worked for me yet. What should I read next?

Care: Since I last checked in, I've sort of slowed down some. I'm trying to give this "morning person" thing a go, see what happens, and that's cut into my reading time. I'm not exactly pleased about that. Anyway! Since last time, I've gone through One Grave at a Time and Up From the Grave, plus all the novellas from prequel to Bite Before Christmas. I've also begun my pre-book-nine (OMG, WILL IT REALLY BE *OVER?!?!?*) reread of Cut & Run.

Kathi: My reading life looks as disorganized as my real life lately. I planned to get back to an old series, but instead I read a bunch of entirely different stuff. First, I read Damage, a short science-fiction story by a former co-worker who Is now a full-time author. I enjoy his stories, and this one was up to his usual high standards. Next, I got about one third of the way through the ARC for Vision in Silver (The Others #3). I really love being back in this unique UF world where the indigenous inhabitants (shapeshifters, etc.) can kick out the humans who do not respect the land and its natural inhabitants. Then I suddenly saw the chance to write my belated review of The Gardella Vampire series, so I picked up Max Stops the Presses to help steer my thoughts back to 19th-century London. This short story is a little peek at what the characters are doing a few months after the series ends. I love being back with these characters! Either I am really easy to please lately (which I seriously doubt my family would agree with), or these new series I discovered over the last few months have especially engaging worlds and characters to revisit.

Merit: This had been a wonderful week from my reading POV. I read Lucky Break and Dark Debt. Lucky Break is a novella, set between Blood Game (#10) Dark Debt (#11), In Chloe Neill’s awesome series Chicagoland Vampires. For me it was just that, a lovely break between the books. Trouble tends to follow Methan wherever they go. Then I read Dark Debt . I know I will not be able express enough how good this story is! Loved every minute of it! Book 11 and it’s just getting better and better. Chloe Neill, you get a standing ovation from me.

Shau: Well, I've finished Dark Debt and targeted Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost. Dark Debt was amazing and my love for Merit just grows! Bound by Flames is pretty damn good. It practically has non-stop action. Layla is a much better heroine than Cat (IMO). Gotta go...Vlad is callin'...ciao

Zee: I picked up Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop, but then realized I needed to reacquaint myself with the events from Murder of Crows. Which I then proceeded to do. I can't wait to dig into Vision of Silver!


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