Fangirl Friday: Vlad Dracul

​Vladislav Basarab Dracul (From Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress and Night Prince novels.) Vlad Tepesh, Vlad the Impaler, Prince, no matter what name you know him by, you know two things to be true.
  1. He is an arrogant, charming, loyal, deadly man. 
  2. Don't EVER call him Dracula.
For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, do yourselves a favor and pick up Jeaneine Frost's Night Prince series, and the Night Huntress series while you're at it. That is where we meet Vlad Dracul, vampire, pyrokinetic, and subject of this week's Fangirl Friday!

​First things first, let me just say that sometimes, Vlad is a controlling, utterly irritating, great big bag of dicks. He is so infuriating sometimes I want to shake him. But, the logical part of my brain knows why he does what he does. So, I just shake my head and wait for him reveal why he acted like he did.​ He always makes me love him again. And, after reading Bound by Flames, I love him more than ever.  Why do I love him, when I sometimes think he is a dick?

Keep reading after the jump to hear me rave about the Prince of Darkness himself a little more.

​There are plenty of reasons to love Vlad. I couldn't possibly cover them all without this piece being ridiculously long. Plus, I'm sure that most of you love Vlad as much as I do, which means you already know all of the reasons anyway. So, I'm just going to cover the big ones, the big ones in my mind anyway.


I think we can all agree that Vlad is insanely handsome. Leila describes him that way several times. Even Cat mentions it, and she's married to Bones. Below is Leila's first detailed description of our beloved Prince.

At first, he looked like a normal, well-built man in his thirties, but then hints of his uniqueness showed. His espresso-colored hair was past his shoulders—longer than most men dared, but on him it somehow looked supremely masculine. Black pants and an indigo shirt draped over muscles that appeared far harder than a gym membership usually accounted for, and though no flames clung to his hands, they were crisscrossed with scars that looked like former battle wounds. His high cheekbones were accented by stubble somewhere between five o’clock shadow and a beard, yet instead of coming across as unkempt, it was rugged and enticing. I hadn’t seen a man pull off that look so well since Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, and his eyes . . . Opened, a rich copper shade encircled by rings of evergreen. I would have thought they were beautiful, but at the moment, they looked as though they were staring right into mine​.​

Once Burned

So, yeah....... handsome doesn't even begin to cover Vlad. In my head, Vlad looks like a more rugged, slightly slimmer Michael Fassbender. No really person comes close to what he really looks like, but Fassbender is pretty close.

​And, Vlad's penchant for wearing more clothes, not less, to show off his ridiculous, hard-fought body is another big turn on for some reason. He also, of course, knows how he looks and he knows how to use it to his advantage. Which leads me into my next point...​


I'll​ be the first to admit, as I said above, sometimes I just want to shake Vlad and tell him to get his head out of his ass. I especially felt like this in the earlier books before he admitted to his feelings for Leila. Sometimes I want to shake him and tell him to stop being an ass. But, in the end I wouldn't have him any other way. He is ruthless, arrogant, manipulative, and condescending. But, he is also loyal, brave, smart, and protective to a fault. Yes, he might impale one of his employees for a wind doing, but he always has a good reason. Even if Leila doesn't agree with that reason. He also loves fiercely and with his whole being.  Who among us doesn't want that? So, he may have some seemingly harsh forms of punishment, but he will also go to the ends of the earth to rescue one of his people, Leila especially. And, in addition to all of his personality quirks, he's got a few more tricks up his sleeve.


While it is useful, and totally hot that Vlad is the Master of such a big line, and an all around big-wig in the vampire community, what I mean by power is his vampiric powers. First of all, there is his superior strength and speed. Yes, all vampires are stronger and faster than most humans. But, because of Vlad's power level, he supersedes most vampires, even most Master vampires. To me, vampiric strength means being picked up. I know that might sound ridiculous, but I always wanted to be one of those girls that people lifted off their feet and spun around when giving them a hug. But, at 5'8" and a not very small number of pounds, it's a rare human who can do that to me. But, for Vlad, my size wouldn't be an obstacle. Also, he can fly!! I don't like airplanes because a) I get motion sickness on them from all the turbulence and stagnant air and b) I have an over-active imagination and I am afraid of crashing. Flying with Vlad would eliminate the fear of crashing and the stagnant air. If I did still get sick, he could just mesmerize me into not being sick. Speaking of, mind control is the one power I can't get behind. I don't like being told what to do, I think I'd like being coerced into doing something via mind control even less. Vlad's mind reading, on the other hand, I don't mind so much. We all know a way to block it now, thanks to Cat. But, I am a bit like Vlad, in that I have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to emotional things. So, while I'm sure I'd find it supremely annoying in actuality, I think that sometimes, mind reading could come in handy in a relationship. 

And, finally, Vlad's 100% unique power, his pyrokinesis. This is a totally badass power to have. Yes, Mencheres' telekinesis is more useful in everyday situations. But, pyrokinesis is so fucking cool! Add that to his being immune to fire and electrical voltage and his vamipiric healing abilities and you've got a pretty damn powerful force to reckoned with. We also learn some new things about Vlad's powers in Bound by Flames, but I won't give it away. Also, unlike Leila, I don't have any abilities to muffle, so I'd love to be coated in Vlad's aura for a little while. Just to see what it's like to be  fireproof**. All of Vlad's abilities, of course, didn't manifest right away. They are product of the last thing I'm going to talk about.

His Age

HE'S DRACULA FOR GOD'S SAKE!! I know Vlad would kill me for saying that, but it's true. One of the things I adore most about him is that he has so much history behind him. There are so many things he's seen and done. Here we are in the 21st century and we are still fascinated by this man. I'm sure that in the real world, just like in the Night Prince world, there are so many things wrong about the information we have on him, it is laughable. But, I'd give almost anything to talk to him (and Mencheres). Ask them what is true about the history we teach and what's an exaggeration or outright lie. I'd love to just listen to stories about what it has been like in various points of history. Are there any famous historical events that he's witnessed? Any important historical figures he's met? What have we forgotten about through the years, that he thinks is important? I could go on and on. But, you get the idea. This history nerd would love to spend a little time with this important historical figure.

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So, that covers most of what I love about the Prince of Wallachia. Did I miss any of your favorite traits? Is one of my favorite things something you don't like about him? Let me know in the comments below!! And, I hope you are enjoying/did enjoy Bound by Flames. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR #4!!

*All gifs come from Tumblr

**It took all of my willpower to not make a sex joke after that sentence. 


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