Quote of the Day

Her head tilted. "Is that why you don't look very happy?"

One of the reasons, but of course he ain't said that. Instead he said, trying to smile, "Thinkin people still be scared on me, I standing back here lookin all happy?"

It worked. She smiled back, but a real smile, the kind made him want to grab her again. What the fuck was wrong with every other man in the room, that they weren't all killing each other just to stand next to her?

"Wait, people are scared of you?"

"Aye, well I ain't figure on why, but seems like it."

"Maybe you should take up knitting." She sipped her beer. "It's hard to be scared of somebody while they are knitting."

"Aw, naw, don't tell nobody on that, aye? Got people selling blankets I'm making in the Market."

It amazed him that he could think of stuff to say that made her laugh, that when he was talking to her it weren't as hard to find the words. When he talked to her he had plenty to say. And she always got what he meant, too; none of the dames he saw got what he said the way she did."

Stacia Kane -  Wrong Ways Down


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