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Wildfire (Hidden Legacy III)

Readers, I'm hoping you guys have all caught up with this AMAZING series! The Wenches are addicted! We cannot get enough of Nevada and Mad Rogan! We've been raving about Ilona Andrews' Hidden Legacy series since the first installment, Burn For Me. It seems like we've been waiting such a long time, when we finally got our hands on the ARCs for White Hot and Wildfire we might have cried a little.

Waiting is torture!
If you want to catch up, you can check out Barb's review of White Hot here. If you're ready to dive right in, click through to read more! There will be no major spoilers in this review!

Wildfire picks up exactly where White Hot left off, Rogan and Nevada's sexy snow frolicking has been rudely interrupted. Not cool. But finding out House Tremaine knows exactly where the Baylors are is a pressing matter so we have to wait until later for more sexy frolicking. 

The House politics and power structures of this magical society are absolutely fascinating, and so well written. There are times these things can be overly complicated in some books for no reason, but in the Hidden Legacy world it's something we've been gradually introduced to and made to understand throughout the series. With the threat of Victoria Tremaine closing in on them, the possibility of the Baylors becoming their own independent House full of Primes was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. We find out a whole lot more about Nevada's siblings and cousins. And without spoiling anything, I really love the way that story line was handled and the delightful surprises the whole process had in store for us. IT WAS SO FUN! 

This series also has some of the best characters ever. The good, the bad, and everyone in between. We've loved the Baylor clan from pretty much day one, and then we fell in love with Rogan and some of his people. Even Augustine is a great character we want to know more about, and we fell hard for Cornelius and his daughter in the last book and were delighted to see more of them in Wildfire. Two of my favorite additions to this already perfect ensemble are Sergeant Teddy and Zeus. You guys are going to love them just as much as I did. Trust me.

And what can I even say about the absolute perfection that is Nevada and Rogan? Even with whatever life is throwing at them, you just know they're meant to be together. They're amazing as individual characters, but put them together and they're dynamite! Did I mention how romantic Rogan is? Because DAMN. Swoon-worthy. 

"When we were at the lodge, and you were dancing in the snow, I kept wondering why it wasn't melting. You're like spring, Nevada. My spring."
One of the best things about this, and some of my favorite books, is that both the leads are undeniably alphas. Or in this universe, Primes. It's a wonderful, intense, amazing thing to read about a couple this well matched, and my favorite thing in the world. Nevada is every bit as awesome and powerful as the most powerful Prime and I.AM.HERE.FOR.IT. 


Nevada was beyond amazing in Wildfire. The way she dealt with Rynda (ugh!) alone should have earned her every award in the world. She has the patience of a saint! I loved pretty much every damn thing she did or said in this one, the way she handled Rogan and his insecurities, the way she dealt with Victoria Tremaine, the other Houses, her own family, everything. She's such a capable and fitting head of the Baylor household. And I am such a fangirl.

Bottom line: This was yet another solid installment of a series that has quickly become one of the best Urban Fantasy stories out there. I literally don't have any complaints, and that is rare. The pace is perfect, the characters are impossible not to love, the universe and it's rules and mysteries are absolutely fascinating. Plus, Nevada and Rogan are the stuff dreams are made of. You need them in your life. *heart eyes* Rogan knows the many ways into a woman's heart. 
"I'm starving. I haven't had anything to eat since I stole a bear claw from your kitchen this morning.""You didn't steal it. All my bear claws are yours."
The story that has been progressing at a breakneck speed concluded in an absolutely satisfactory way for the readers. I cannot recommend this series strongly enough. If you love fantasy, mystery, romance, drama, a safe way to get an intense adrenaline rush, and just plain good storytelling, you MUST give this series a shot. 

This Wench rates it: 


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