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Angela:  It’s been a busy reading week. I actually managed to read two books. Way to go me! I  read The Firebird (Slains #2) by Susanna Kearsley which I really enjoyed. My favourite part of a Kearsley book, is the amount of historical details she goes into when writing her stories. It makes the books that much more intriguing, when I think of all those events which are true. Next up I read Bitter Night (Horngate Witches #1) by Diana Pharoah Francis and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the urban fantasy book. It was a little bit unique from many other urban fantasy, in that our heroine Max, is already an incredibly powerful force. Well worth giving a try.

Anne: I finished my Cut & Run reread last week with the tearjerker that is Part & Parcel. I’m currently just basking in the glow of the series. I’m not sure where I’ll move on to next. In the audio world, I’m listening to Murder on the Orient Express, which I wanted to get to before the movie came out. I’m really enjoying it.

Barb: I'm STILL reading Grant, but I took a break this week to read the final installment in Sierra Simone's New Camelot series, American King. Due to work and travel it took me all week to read it, but it was a terrific wrap up to this captivating and utterly filthy series. There was one thing at the end that kept it from being a perfect series for me, but I wonder if I'm the only one who found it unnecessary. Look for a full review soon. 

Kathi: I’m about 1/3 through The Chimes, speculative literary fiction set in a dystopian London where language has been replaced by music and most people have lost the ability to make or remember memories. Not having a classical musician’s training makes me suspect that I’m missing some interesting layers of meaning—and the very concept of thinking, communicating, and navigating through life with songs and melodies is completely mystifying, since I’m a word nerd. But the world is quite fascinating, and I’m finally getting pulled into the action. I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have jumped right into another unlike-anything-I’ve-read-before, deeply complicated puzzle comprising imagery I can’t quite wrap my brain around, since I just finished the Southern Reach trilogy. But then I saw a review that said, “Fans of the eloquence and imagery of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy…will adore this original work”. So maybe it was the perfect choice after all.

Merit: I'm sorry, no books this week too busy at home and at work. (No worries, Merit! We all have those weeks!)

Zee: I'm rereading Alyssa Cole's An Extraordinary Union before finally starting A Hope Divided! I'm so excited for that one!


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