Fangirl Friday - Five Star Reads Part Two

More of my five star reads from 2017. It's been an amazing year book quality wise.  I'm putting the explosion of great reading firmly on the doorstep of two of my groups on Goodreads, Fantasy Buddy Reads and 2-3-4 Challenge. They've both really broadened my horizons this year on the books I've selected to read. Thank you to both groups. The books below have all be read as buddy reads in both groups.

Here's a look at my five star reads since June. Check after the jump.


Thunder Bay (Cork O'Connor #7)

Another gripping installment to the Cork O'Connor series. I enjoyed this one largely as it was centred around Cork's good friend Henry Meloux. I loved learning more about his past, even if there were deadly secrets to be uncovered.


Red Knife (Cork O'Connor #8)

I'm reading a book a month in the Cork O'Connor series and managing to keep up with the group read. As you can guess, I love this series. Each book continues to be unputdownable for me. The question for me in this book was what lengths would a person go to in order to do what they believed was right. Even if it might not necessarily be seen as lawful. This is a question Cork has to grapple with in this book.


Valour (The Faithful and the Fallen #2)

This is one of those series that I finally found the push to read this year thanks to the fantastic Fantasy Buddy Reads group on Goodreads.  The Faithful and the Fallen is one of the few series this year, that I've wanted to read book after book and not pause between reading them. Multiple point of view (POV) fantasy series that is broadened as new POV's make an appearance. My favourite POV is first introduced in this second book of the series. The series is well worth checking out for fantasy lovers.


Midnight Tides (The Malazan Book of the Fallen #5)

What a relief (in a good way) to realise I'm part way through the main Malazan series. It has several smaller series attached too. I'm doing the Ultimate Reading Order for the series, and while it may seem like slow going sometimes, it's definitely worth the effort. These books are monsters. This one alone was 940 pages. Let me tell you it's not an easy 940 pages either. You really need to pay attention to what is going on. Steven Erikson introduces us to a large, new cast of characters in Midnight Tides (I recognised two from previous books) and some how he manages to make me feel invested in the outcome. My favourite comedic duo of Tehol and Bugg of the series to date appear for the first time in this book. At times the book can be grim reading, especially when all the convergences in the story takes place. However, it's all worthwhile in the end and a series that is becoming my favourite of all time.

Vermilion Drift (Cork O'Connor #10)

After events in the previous book Heaven's Keep I was uncertain how I would feel reading this tenth book in the series. I shouldn't have worried. It was another stellar book from Krueger and cements this series as another favourite of mine. The mystery was engaging and all the twists and turns meant, yet again I couldn't put the book aside until I knew the details for the murders. Cork O'Connor also wins the award for most responsible dog owner! Read the book. You'll know what I mean. Though you need to start with Iron Lake (Cork O'Connor #1)

Ruin (The Faithful and the Fallen #3)

I've been trying to read this series as a buddy read in Fantasy Buddy Reads, but I couldn't wait until November to carry on with the third book in the series. Gwynne has skilfully made me care about some of his characters. Of course there are other characters that could do with a quick death. Being the third book in the series, I was curious to see how this would lead up to the final book Wrath. It ended with some major cliffhangers and sometimes just when you think you are getting ahead aka the goodies, the rug gets swept out from under you.

Wrap Up

Check out my other 5 star reads from this year in my post from earlier this year My Five Star Read to Date.  It's interesting looking at those books which I've rated 5 stars. It's clear that usually if I rate a book five stars in a series, it's more likely I'll rate another book in the series 5 stars as well. My great discoveries this year has been both the Cork O'Connor series and The Faithful and the Fallen (I can't count Malazan Book of the Fallen as I started that last year). If you are not reading either series, you really need to make a date with Iron Lake (Cork O'Connor #1) and Malice (Faithful and the Fallen #1).  Of course, if you are so inclined pick up Gardens of the Moon (Malazan #1) and be prepared to read epic fantasy.

Let me know your five star reads since the middle of the year.


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