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Quote of the Day

"I bet he's with Rynda." Grandma Frida set her cup in the table so hard it clinked. "You should call that woman and tell her to back off." "Yeah, you should call that bitch out," Arabella said. "First, she isn't a bitch. She's a client with a missing husband. Second, butt out of my love life." "Call her out," Arabella said.  "Tell her Rogan is yours!" Grandma Frida pumped her fist. "Don't let her take you man!" Leon declared. We all looked at him. "I was feeling left out," he said. Wildfire Ilona Andrews

Wench Review of

Wildfire (Hidden Legacy III) Readers, I'm hoping you guys have all caught up with this AMAZING series! The Wenches are addicted! We cannot get enough of Nevada and Mad Rogan! We've been raving about Ilona Andrews' Hidden Legacy series since the first installment, Burn For Me . It seems like we've been waiting such a long time, when we finally got our hands on the ARCs for White Hot and Wildfire we might have cried a little. Waiting is torture! If you want to catch up, you can check out Barb's review of White Hot here . If you're ready to dive right in, click through to read more! There will be no major spoilers in this review!