My Dream Cast: The Fever Series Part Two

Once upon a time, when we were a very new blog just getting started, I immersed myself in the Fever world and put myself in the head of a casting director. For those of you new to the Fever series and/or our blog, in 2011, Dreamworks bought the rights to the Fever series. The Maniacs rejoiced. Alas, nothing ever came of the purchase and the rights reverted back to Karen. As it turns out, Karen is against making the series into a movie. She doesn't think it's the correct format for Mac's story. And, I tend to agree. She did say at the Feverborn Release Party Q&A, she would be open to a Fever TV series, if the right offer came along. I'm thinking Netflix would be the right option for our beloved series. With the main story arc coming to a close with Feversong in January, here I am again, putting myself back into casting mode to update and add to my original post, which can be seen here. Most of my choices, I stand by. But, now that we know a little more about several of the characters, specifically the Nine, and there are others who have come to the forefront as the story has progressed, I wanted to do some updating. So, keep reading and be wary of spoilers after the break to see some updated and some new casting choices!

Let's start with the humans...

First, and update from the original piece, Inspector Jayne.
Inspector Jayne exploded into the room, shaking off rain. A big, burly, Liam Neeson look-alike, the ex-Garda dripped no-nonsense authority and command. Feverborn
Who else could I choose for Dublin's #1 Guardian, but Liam Neeson?

I mean... it's right there in the text. He's a Liam Neeson look-alike. There's no other choice BUT Liam Neeson. I'm sorry Chris Meloni, who was my original choice, but I have to go with the text. You can play one of the other Garda, Chris, OK?

Next, newly appointed Mob boss, Sean O'Bannion
I love his dark eyes, his black hair and fair Irish skin. I love the way he wears a fisherman's sweater with faded jeans and always has a quick smile. Iced
My choice for Kat's wayward boyfriend is Nico Tortorella.

I don't know how many of you watched The Following on Fox with Kevin Bacon, but Nico was in the first season and he was amazing. Equal parts vulnerable and cold and calculating. He also has the right look, though he's of Italian decent, instead of dark Irish. But, the coloring is the same, including a little bit of tan to his skin that echos the Saudi ancestor we, the readers and Mac, know the O'Bannions have.

Finally, someone I'm not certain is entirely human, Dancer.
A good looking kid stands inside. Tall, lean, and lanky, with thick dark hair that hasn't been cut in a while and beautiful aqua eyes behind glasses, I put him at about eighteen to twenty. He has sort of a brainy Canterbury scholar look, even in jeans and a blue tee-shirt. Burned
My choice for Dani's brainy buddy is Nicholas Hoult.

This was a pretty easy choice for me. I've seen Nicholas play the Beast in several X-Men movies. He's smart, charming, and his age is fairly nebulous. Plus, he's the Beast. He doesn't take any shit from anyone, even Barrons, Ryodan, or Dani. He fits the description to a T. An interesting side note, I couldn't find a single physical description of Dancer from Dani in Iced. Maybe I just missed it, but all I found were descriptions of his character and how smart he is. Shows you what Dani's priorities are in her men. I wonder if that holds true with Jada?

And, now, the humans with a little extra, the Sidhe-Seers.
There are a lot of Sidhe-Seers. I focused on the two we see the most.

First, the villainous sidhe-seer, Margery Bean-McLaughlin.
Somebody like Margery, who’s even now watching the crowd through narrowed eyes, like she’s got a thermometer up its butt, taking its temperature. She’s a year older than Kat, and was part of Ro’s inner circle when the old witch was alive. She’s not going to put up with a changing of the guard that doesn’t include her. She’ll make trouble every chance she gets. I hope Kat knows how treacherous she can be. Anyone that was ever close to Ro for longer than like—one second—has something seriously scary about her. Iced
My choice for Kat's mutinous cousin is Emma Watson.

There really is no physical description of Margery, except that she's Kat's cousin. So, I can assume that there could be a family resemblance. Emma Watson doesn't really look that much like Deborah Ann Woll, but, there are some small similarities. Plus, I love the idea of Emma playing a villain of sorts. I'd love to see her stretch her wings and play a plotting, scheming sidhe-seer.

Next, walking encyclopedia, Jo.
Beneath a cap of short dark hair, shimmering with blond and gold highlights, Jo's delicate face is pale, her eyes red from crying. Burned
My choice for Ryodan's favorite waitress is Emmy Rossum.

Whenever I hear dark hair and delicate beauty, my first thought is always Emmy Rossum. She is just stunning. Even when she's a hot mess in Shameless, there is no denying the beauty of her. She is also fairly small all over, so Lor's crude comments about the size of her breasts make her a fitting choice as well. But, just like Jo, don't let Emmy's looks fool you into thinking she's a doll waiting to be broken. She's not. As she's shown on Shameless, Emmy can be a fierce and loyal warrior. She can stare down the best of them and bend them to her will. She has steel in her spine, just like Jo when she looks away from Ryodan's nightly booty call.

Let's move on to the Fae.

First, the Concubine/Seelie Queen, Aoibheal.
Beneath smoky ice and runes, I could see the hint of pale skin, golden hair, a slight form. Shadowfever
My choice for the mortal turned Fae is Mila Kunis.

I know, I know. She's not terribly pale, nor does she have golden hair. But, my god, is she exceedingly beautiful in an other worldly way. Besides, you can put makeup on her and put in some highlights or dye her hair entirely, if the golden hair thing is that important, which I don't think it is. She is absolutely beautiful and ethereal enough to play Fae royalty. And, I definitely believe she's beautiful enough for the King to go to the ends of the universe for.

Next, the Concubine's lover, the UnSeelie King.
I glanced at Barrons, who had both brows raised in an expression of complete shock. For a change, there was something he hadn’t known, either. Then his eyes narrowed on the dreamy-eyed guy.“He’s the king? That frail old geezer?” “Geezer? You mean the pretty French woman,” Jo said. “She’s a waitress at Chester’s.” “French woman? It’s the Morgan Freeman lookalike from the bar on the seventh level at Chester’s,” Christian said. “No,” Dageus said, “ ’tis the ex-groundskeeper from Edinburgh castle who took on a bussing job at Ryodan’s pub when the walls fell.” And I saw a young, dreamy-eyed college guy. He winked at me again. We all saw something different when we looked at him. Shadowfever
My choice for the King of many parts, is Mads Mikkelsen.

Obviously, everyone sees something different when they see the UnSeelie King. And, in the previous post, I chose Richard Madden as the Dreamy-Eyed Guy. But, I think that we need a base look for the King. Someone we see in the memory residues in the White Mansion and in Burned when he and the Queen are ensconced away from everyone. Mads fits that bill perfectly. He's got an oddly attractive quality about him. He's not conventionally attractive. He also has a very unique and commanding presence. And, he was Hannibal, so we know he can play a vicious monster very well.

And now, the only one of her kind, the UnSeelie Princess.
She pulls back and smiles down at me with rows of needle-sharp shark teeth.Blonde hair darkens to blood-black.Red lips fade to white, Then ice-blue. Burned
My choice for Lor's ill-chosen conquest is Zoe Saldana.

I love Zoe. I will watch her in anything. But, she is also beautiful beyond measure. She has the perfect look for a vicious, yet beautiful UnSeelie Princess. She also has the sensuality and prowess to play a female death by sex Fae. Men would be lining up to be turned Pri-ya by her. She can be commanding and powerful and she can be delicate and soft to lure men into her trap. ::cough:: Lor ::cough:: She's perfect. And, as you can see, she looks amazing with green skin. So, she'd look amazing with ice-blue skin too.

Finally, our #1 troublemaker, Cruce.
Abruptly, his golden mane was raven, his gold-velvet skin bronzed.Iridescent eyes emptied. A torque threaded with silver slithered around his neck. Beneath his skin, kaleidoscopic tattoos crashed like waves in a turbulent sea. He was beautiful. He was horrifying. He was soul-destroying. Shadowfever
My choice for the UnSeelie King's most powerful creation is Benedict Cumberbatch.

My choice for V'Lane was Alexander Skarsgard and I stand by that for the golden god. But, Cruce is an entirely different person. V'Lane was just glamour. Cruce needed his own man. That man is Benedict Cumberbatch. He's handsome, he's fierce, he's got that killer voice. He's immensely talented. There is no better man for the job of Cruce. 

And, now, four of the mysterious Nine.

First up, the virtually unknown Daku.
Kasteo, Barrons, Fade, Ryodan, Lor, Daku.She nearly smiles at the last name. He was once a gladiator for sheer love of the game, and in another century and land, an epic samurai. She anticpates their battle second most. Burned
My choice for this mystery warrior is Dwayne Johnson.

Given that we have no physical description other than the one that applies to all of the Nine, the fact that he is a big man, I have pretty free reign over this choice. I almost went with Channing Tatum, but decided he's not actually that big. He would make a great samurai, though, with his dancing abilities. Instead, I went with someone who is that big and someone I could absolutely believe was a gladiator just for the hell of it. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is huge and intimidating. He would fit right in with the Nine. Plus, his looks are ambiguous enough that he could fit in with the ancient Romans and the ancient Japanese.

Next, the animalistic Fade.
While I’m trying to decide just how Ryodan managed to reach Barrons in Faery, Fade glides from the shadows, tall, packed with muscle and scarred like the rest. He’s prowling in that half-invisible way Barrons moves only in private. If you’ve not seen it before, it’s eerie and impossible to mistake for human.The Highlanders close ranks on themselves.Fade laughs, fangs gleaming white in the moonlight. Burned
My choice for the more beast like of the Nine is Joe Manganiello. 

Long time readers of this blog know that I have....let's say, a bit of a soft spot for Joe. So, none of you are surprised by this choice. But, he would actually make a good Fade. He is a very large man. After playing Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, we know that he plays the strong, silent type well. He also plays a man on the verge of beast very well. And, given all of the dance and fight training he's had for various projects, I'm sure he can perfect the half-beast prowling that the Nine seem to use. Plus, he is monstrously hot. 

Next, the eternally silent Kasteo.
A man is stretched on the floor, staring up, arms crossed behind his head. Like the rest of Ryodan's men, he is tall, wide, powerfully muscled, scarred, and not there. He wears camouflage pants low at his hips, feet bare. His arms are tattooed, his head nearly shaved, his face shadowed dark with stubble. He looks like a rogue military commander from a unit the world never heads about. Burned
My choice for Kat's mute trainer is Jason Momoa.

I think Jason is the perfect choice for Kasteo. He is so expressive and stoic, he doesn't need to speak to get his message across. And, the man is gigantic and beautiful. I feel like I'm a broken record, but it's true of all of these men. But, no matter how fierce a warrior Jason can be, he also has a gentle side that needs to be able to shine through the silence. I went back and forth with these men in different spots. But, Jason just seemed like the right fit for Kasteo. Though, obviously, there's no way I would make him cut that beautiful hair. 

Finally, the lovable barbarian, Lor.
Lor is chained naked to a desk, legs spread, affording me a gloriously intimate view. He's magnificent. A tall, massively muscled Viking with thick blond hair and not one spec of it on his body. Though his abdomen and thighs are crisscrossed with scars, the rest of his skin is sleek and velvety as the head of his --- Stop staring! Burned
My choice for Dani's unlikely ally is Chris Hemsworth.

I love Lor. I love him so much. I'm so glad we are getting scenes and chapters from his POV. He's hilarious and a bigger softie than Mac's early interactions with him let on. He is also an unapologetic horndog. He's tough and hilarious. After seeing Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters and his video about where he was during Captain America: Civil War, I knew that he would be perfect for Lor. He's got the Viking good looks and the comedic chops to pull off Lor. Plus, we already know that he is an utter bad ass. He's Thor, the God of Thunder for God's sake!

Finally, we've made it. The Big Two.

First, Barrons' right hand man, Ryodan.
Handsome, chilling man.  His eyes were the clearest I'd ever seen.  This was a man that suffered no conflicts with himself.  He had no problem being what he was. Dreamfever
My updated choice for the owner of Chester's is Gerard Butler.

Initially, I choose David Boreanaz as Ryodan. But, as we learned more about him in Iced, Burned, and Feverborn, I realized that David was not exactly what I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, I love David. And, he could definitely be one of the Nine. But, he's just not Ryodan. Instead, I think that Gerard is the man for the job. He's gorgeous and stoic. He's urbane and vicious. He's a bit older than I would want Ryodan to be, but that's ok. I think he's perfect for the role. He could slip seamlessly into the role of the owner of Chester's. He can lead the rest of the Nine with ease. And, his presence is so, so commanding and drawing. He's perfect.

Finally, the newest leader of the Sidhe-seers, Jada.
My age or slightly younger, tall, with a killer body that’s long and lean and muscled and curvy in all the right places, it’s the eyes that get me. They’re emerald ice. They lock with mine for a long, frigid moment. Stone-cold eyes, they chill me, and I’m not easily chilled. Burned
My choice for the grown up Dani is Sophie Turner.

I actually held off on this choice until the past season of Game of Thrones was over. I wanted to see how Sophie handled the situations I knew were coming her way this year. She was amazing. Sophie is poised, she's regal, she's fierce and fiesty. She is Jada. She was a sight to behold as Sansa this season. I knew as I watched her walk away from Ramsay Bolton that she had to be Jada. I momentarily considered other red haired actresses, but no one would be better than Sophie. Watching her play Sansa, she can obviously handle Jada. She also has the right look for Jada. She's got that fiery hair, she's tall, and gorgeous. She's the whole Jada package. Obviously, I want these books to be translated into a TV series or movie no matter what. But, now, I really, really want them made just to see Sophie as Jada. She would be a vision.

Well, folks, that's all I've got. Do you agree with my choices? Who would you change? Did I miss anyone that you have someone in mind for? Let me know below!


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