So Many Questions: The Fever Edition

If you've been following our What the Wenches are Reading posts, you'll know that I recently finished up a re-read of the last three Fever books, Iced, Burned, and Feverborn. You may also know that I've been rereading the Chicagoland Vampire series and posting the questions I've come up with as I go. Well, as I was re-reading the Fever books, I realized I have some questions for Ms. Karen Marie Moning also. Now, I really don't expect to get answers to most, if not all, of these questions. That doesn't mean that I won't even bother asking. On the contrary, knowing that we may never know the answers is driving me fucking crazy. Keep reading after the break to see what these questions are and hopefully watch me stave off the madness a little longer.
All right, let's jump right in!

Who or what is Dancer, really?

I do not buy that he is a 17 or 18 year old kid from Australia, who came to Dublin to look at Trinity for college. I just don't buy it. I might be totally wrong on this, but I don't think he is just human. Could he be yet another skin of the UnSeelie King? I don't think so, but with that dude, who knows. I have always been very suspicious of Dancer and I would like to get some more information on him before the series is over. He seems too smart, too wordly, too wise, and a lot of other toos for a 17 year old kid, even one who has lived through the Wall Crash. I don't believe him. Maybe he's just a little older than he says and that's what he's hiding, but I am CONVINCED that he is hiding something.

Who the FUCK is behind WeCare?!

This is the one thing that I NEED an answer to before the end of the series. Obviously, the
Dublin Daily is just whoever decides to use that name when they print it. WeCare is a different thing entirely. They are raiding all of the remaining stores for food and supplies to be stockpiled god knows where, leaving everyone who isn't part of their little cult with nothing. They require people to join them before they will give them anything. They call it taking the white, which reminds me of A Song of Ice and Fire and taking the black, which is a life-long commitment. What do you have to promise before you take the white? How dare they force people to join their ranks before helping them. But, enough of my outrage. Who, exactly, is behind the organization? Is it Dancer? Is this what he's hiding? If so, why the cult aspect? Is it Ryodan, even though he denies it and seems irritated by them? Is it the Fae, sporting some glamour, trying to lure more prey into their midst? Is it Jayne or any of the other Guardians? Is it someone else entirely? Could it possibly be Mac's mom, Rainey? I DON'T KNOW!! I need to know, Ms. Moning. I NEED IT.

Does Mac age?

We know that she pretty much can't die, except by Fae weapons. But, has it been specified whether or not she ages? Does she age at all or is it significantly slowed? She's basically part fae now, so I don't think that she does. But, I doubt the story will cover enough time for us to know. How will Mac feel about not only everyone dying off on her, but, how will she feel when Dani/Jada begins to look older than she does? Even worse, when the children born AWC, begin to look older than she does? That is assuming, of course, she survives that long.

What do the Nine,I mean Ten, eat?

I know Ms. Moning and Barrons himself, has said that Mac/we do not want to know. But, I really, really do want to know. I'm the kind of person who just wants to know more than anything when someone says I don't want to know. Even if I regret it, my curiosity gets the best of me. There's been a lot of speculation among the Wenches and Moning Maniacs. I've heard everything from Fae to human hearts and/or other organs. It might be gross, but I do want to know. I need any bit of information we can get on these men. I might live to regret it, but I would like to know what it is that they eat.

Will we ever get to hear about Dani's time in the Silvers?

I could probably read a whole series on that. Although, watching her personality split and/or change like it does, would be terribly heartbreaking. I think I'll wait to make a final proclamation on this until I know how Dani/Jada and Shazam plays out. But, I would like to know more about it, regardless. How did she and Shazam meet? I'd love a scene of him teaching her to freeze frame. Also, what does Yiyi mean? What is Shazam exactly, if he actually does exist? How did she get the scars all over her? How many worlds did she go through? Where did she stay the longest? Is there a world that humanity could survive on, in case they can't fix the black hole problem?

Will any of the Objects of Power come into play again?

To be more specific, will the amulet come into play again? It can change reality. Will anyone need this ability again? What would happen if Mac as the Book got her/it's hands on the amulet? Would she even be able to touch it, given that she's now pure UnSeelie evil? Would the book amplify her ability to wield the amulet or hinder it? What about that music box? What are it's powers? Does it contain pieces or all of the Song of Making? Is that the answer to both the book and the black holes? Will they be able to find Aoibheal in time for her to use it? Can she use it, since she's not truly Fae?

Who or what is the Sweeper?

Is he some kind of ancient God? Or, is he just some nutcase creature that lives for a very long time or possibly forever? Would he "fix" Barrons and the Nine (Ten)? Or, like the Fae and numerous other things would he leave them alone? What exactly does him "fixing" something entail? Obviously he thinks it is some physical thing within a person that can just be righted. But, what happens to the things he fixes? Do they die? Do they become one of his wraiths? How does he gauge who or what needs fixing? Does the Sweeper think that he's helping people or is this some sort of punishment for being broken? Will he still come after Mac now that she's the book? Or, is even he afraid of the book's power? Does the Sweeper have the ability to kill the Nine or kill Fae? 
What is Papa Roach?

The Sweeper leads me to think about Papa Roach. He is not Fae. He says he's been around for a long time, he may have even said the dawn of time, I don't recall. But, a long time no matter what. He's not scared or hesitant to ally with the Fae. He says only one weapon can kill him and Ryodan has it. What is this weapon? Are there more of his kind? Or, are there other overlords for other kinds of bugs? Is there a Papa Spider or Papa Grasshopper? Where did he come from? Are he and The Sweeper from the same era or realm? Are there other creatures out there masquerading as Fae? Any that we've met? How does he speak if he's just made of roaches? If you kill one roach does another come and take it's place? Is he based in one of the roaches? Or is he just a being of pure consciousness that controls the roaches? How does this work?!

Who is Toc?

Cruce tells Papa Roach to find Toc and get some of his blood, among other instructions,
make his icefire. Who is this Toc? Have we seen him before? What is it about his blood that makes it so special? Do we know Toc by another name? Is he one of the higher castes of UnSeelie or is he low on the totem pole? What other powers does his blood have? What effect would it have on other substances? Will we ever get to see this Toc on page? What other ingredients and instructions does Cruce whisper to Papa Roach? Toc must be a little higher up in the ranks, if Cruce knows and trusts him. Is Toc UnSeelie at all? Or, is he something else, like The Sweeper? Is Toc the Sweeper?

​What is Barrons' Books and Baubles?

I know, it's a bookstore. I got that part. But, the place fucking changes shape and size! Sometimes it's five floors, sometimes it's six, or four. What the hell is going on there? Is that just wards that Barrons put in to mess with people? Is the Silver in Barrons' office changing it? Is it just Mac's imagination or the book fucking with her? Is it Barrons fucking with her? Or, is there something about the building itself? How long has the shop been there, exactly? Has some form of it stood in that same spot for a long time? Is there something wrong or different about the land that it's built on? Was it built where a stone circle used to stand? Did Barrons or someone else do some sort of pagan ritual on the building? What in the actual fuck is happening inside that building?

Ok, Saucy Readers, that's all I've got for this one. I'm sure if I reread the entire series, I could come up with a LOT more questions. Are there any questions you have that I missed? Pose them in the comments below!


  1. How, or can Christopher be returned to his life, now more than ever before being that Daegus is one of the 9 (10) Remember that the end of the story of of Spell of a Highlander,the queen is mildly worried about the possibility of her Keltar's powerful combinations!
    I have been through the books many times, and I am another reader who is wrapped up in the possibilities; because of holes,lack of prior knowledge, and the endless need for a better balance of good, and evil.
    The story demands more information on many of the leading characters than can be found in a single book!
    Even if I don't get to know more about Jada/Mega's first crush, (I think Dancer is exactly what he's written as. The smart, and attractive young man who has been in love with her)
    The McKeltar men can't be left as they are now! I love both series, and I am always going to be reading one of them, but because I have read them so often,I have too many questions!
    The more pressing one is about the McKeltar men! I have to know that Christopher, and Daegus will be restored, and hopefully rewarded! BUT HOW?????

  2. I think we know that Cruz is behind wecare....

  3. Amanda Navarro, great point! Of course he is because he is WAR. I wanted to slap myself because I hadn't thought of that one. Great job. P.s. thanks Anne Kenzie for the fantastic questions. A good portion of them were mine as well. I would like to know if the 9(10) can have children? And were they one thing before they became man/beast? Also, will Mac (once the book is settled) become a seelie princess? She or Dani could become one as the balance must be maintained and I believe the UnSeelie King said most of the princesses were dead (yes, I know one was present in Feverborn). My two cents. Just eager to read it, to get answers!

    1. Thank you!

      And, interesting! I didn't even consider Mac or Dani becoming a princess. That could be a very interesting development...

  4. Great post!! I am so with you on most of these questions! Especially Re:Dancer: There's no way he is legit. LOL I'm not buying it. Also, I thought Mac speculated that maybe the Silver in Barron's office caused the changes in BB&B, but it's not confirmed.


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