Holiday Man Candy

It's that time of the year again readers. Time to indulge in some wickedly delicious goodies guilt free! Last year I shared some of the men who made our 2013 a little sweeter here, so without wasting your time on idle chit chat, lets go on to the glorious man candy! 

Fans ready, ladies and gents?

Chris Hemsworth :

People magazine's sexiest man alive is ALWAYS on our lists! 

Scruffy Chris.
Sexy Norse God Chris.

Casual sexy Chris.

Dirty sexy Chris. 

Colin O'Donoghue :

Colin as Hook from OUAT is still making our hearts beat a little faster *sigh*

Look at that smile.
I know I was thinking
coherent thoughts before I saw this.
He's just so pretty....

Daniel Henney :

Thank you Wolverine : Origins for introducing me to this lovely man. 

that's how he opens doors.

Lee Pace :

Everyone loves the marvel that is Lee Pace. How can you not? Since Ned the piemaker, to Thranduil in The Hobbit, is there anything this man can't do while looking fucking phenomenal?
Sweet Lee Pace.
Sexy Lee Pace with an EXCELLENT
 english accent in Mrs. Pettigrew.

 Hideo Muraoka :

Just quietly stare at those gifs and tell me you aren't grateful for him this year.

Idris Elba :

*sigh* No words needed. Next James Bond please! 

I'll bet.

Sendhil Ramammurthy :

*sigh* He's always on my list (Heroes, Beauty and the Beast.) But please put him on my screen more often! The man has a smile that could melt butter from a mile away. Not to mention those abs.

Work it.
Hello abs. 
That jawline! 

Adam Pally :

I love Adam Pally, ever since he was Max on Happy Endings. But since playing Peter on The Mindy Project. LOVE! He is irresistible. 

Maybe at first!
He's a great friend!

And smart!

Yum! Mr.Wedding!

The Men From The Strain FX

The Strain is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to the men on the show. Cory Stoll's Eph, Kevin Durand's Fet, and Miguel Gomez's Gus definitely feature on my list of men who made 2014 a fun year for television.

Cory Stoll:

That hair, that face. That TALL drink of water.
Sexy, and smart!

Kevin Durand :

It's kinda hard not loving Fet.
And I thought Eph was going to be
 the only attractive guy on the show.

Miguel Gomez : 

He's nice to his mom. 

He wakes up like this. 

Graham McTavish:

I have been crushing HARD on him since I first saw him on Outlander. Not many men can look THAT good on a horse. Add that to the accent and that smile and yup, I'm a little bit in love.

Mmm...manly man.
Also, he ROCKS a beard.

Jack Falahee :

Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh on How To Get Away With Murder is dangerously sexy and resourceful! Thank you for making my 2014 a little sexier!

Yes, please.
Present company included.

Wait.. what was I saying?

Key and Peele :

I love them. Sexy, funny, smart. They're perfect. I honestly can't say who I find more attractive sometimes. All I know is, they both belong on this list!

Mmm, sexy man in glasses.

Dealing with the sexy.

Sexy even with that hair and mustache. 

Norman Reedus :

Life wouldn't be the same without Norman Reedus's Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. Is there anyone else who can make a crossbow look that sexy?

He loves cats
And dogs.
And crossbows.

Theo James :

Theo James stole lots of hearts in Divergent and Underworld. But honestly, it's his goofy side in his interviews that really got us hooked.

On my way!

Right answer.

Luke Evans :

Luke Evans as Dracula, and as Bard in The Hobbit, made 2014 scorching hot. 


Check out those canines! 

Matt Barr :

Easily one of our favorite additions to our favorite shows this year.. Matt Barr as Nick Hawley in Sleepy Hollow.
I mean...
That face...
That smile...
And the way he looks at Abbie.

Matt Ryan :

I love Keanu Reeves, he was an interesting Constantine. But Matt Ryan IS Constantine. And sexy as hell (haha!)

Charlie Hunnam :

With Sons of Anarchy taking their last bow this year, I couldn't not add the very sexy Charlie Hunnam. We'll miss Jax.

Chris Pine :

Chris Pine is what happens when you're really, really, ridiculously good looking. The man is almost TOO perfect to look at. But we'll do it anyway. 

Yes, we are!

Sam Heughan :

Did anyone think we would leave this glorious man out of our list? Really? He made thousands of women and men fall completely, madly in love+lust with him as Jamie Fraser in Outlander, and finding out he's just as charming and lovely in real life just made it all better. 

That face is a sigh to behold.
So is that body. 
His insane onscreen chemistry
with Cait is SIZZLING.

David effing Gandy :

You guys KNOW we'll never do a list of man candy where David Gandy isn't included. He's on our every list, every year, any day. Who can blame us?



Stephen Colbert :

Saving the best for last. This year was the last season of The Colbert Report. And I will miss the hell out of this sexy, funny, amazingly nerdy man. We wish you the best! Please never stop being you.

sexy, and he knows it.
Yup, still sexy.
and fabulous.

Honorable Mentions (because, why not?) :

Colin Jost :

Colin Jost showed up last season on The Weekend Update, and yes, I loved him instantly. There's nothing sexier than a smart, funny guy. It doesn't hurt that he is crazy adorable and smirky.

That hair! And smile.

Hozier : 

Ok first of all, I love that glorious mane. But then I heard Take Me To The Church (thanks to Barb) and I was a goner.
Everyone loves Hozier.
He's a poet. 

Andy Grammer :

Andy Grammer blew our (mine and Head Wench Barb's) minds in Charlotte, NC this past year. He's impossible not to fall completely in love with, and our 2014 would have been a little less bright and happy were it not for him and his amazing music. 

Hope you enjoyed that, Saucy Readers! The Wenches wish you a Merry Christmas (sorry it's a little late!) and a VERY Happy New Year!

*all gifs from the brilliant gif makers of tumblr. None belong to the Wenches. 


  1. John freaking Constantine. Everyone is probably sick of me going on about it but who cares? Matt Ryan is just amazingly perfect as Constantine and oh, the chemistry with Zed. 😍

    1. YESSSS! Their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS! And he is insanely sexy!

  2. I love your list. A nice dose of yumminess. Thank you!!!!


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