Review: Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

​This blog started over the Wenches shared love of Urban Fantasy books. We've grown and changed since then, but there are still a few UF series some of us read. The Mercy Thompson series, by Patricia Briggs, is one of them.​ I once wrote about my befuddlement at the fact that more people don't read this series, (read it here). I very much enjoy it. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of the newest book, Silence Fallen. I'm here today to give you a (mostly) spoiler free review. Keep reading below to find out what I thought!

PS: How badass is this cover? I LOVE IT!

This book was structured much differently than the other books and I really loved this aspect of it. We see events through both Mercy and Adam's eyes and the story is occurring at different points in time, though separated only by a day or two. I can't recall ever seeing Adam's point of view, though I may have forgotten. Even if we have, it hasn't been often and never to this extent. We got to be inside Adam's head and hear his thoughts, see him struggle with his beast. I have even more respect for Adam now than I did before. He is an epic Alpha and should be more appreciated in the UF community. The story is told by going back and forth between Mercy and Adam. However, we see a large chunk of Mercy's story before we see Adam's. This means that Mercy's story is ahead of Adam's. The narrative jumps back and forth in time until Adam's story catches up to Mercy's. you rarely see this used in a UF book and I really liked it. It was a nice break from the usual.

How beautiful is Prague?
​This is also the first book where the majority of the action takes place outside of not only Washington State and the Tri-cities area, but the entire US.​ We get to see Italy and a lot of the action takes place in
Prague. It was really nice to get Mercy and Adam out of their home territory. It gave the series a fresh feel to it. We also got to meet some new European vampires and werewolves. It was interesting to see the different dynamics and customs of the European supernaturals rather than the Americans that we're used to. And, as is Mrs. Briggs' way, we got to see a European mythical creature as well. That's one of the things I love most about these books, learning about all of these myths, even if it is with a supernatural twist.

One of the other things I really liked about this book was that we got to learn a little bit more of some of the periphery characters. Specifically, Wulfe, Stefan, Marsilia, and Elizaveta. We learn more about how the vampires came to the Tri-Cities and why. We also meet a new and important vampire in our travels to Europe. There were a lot of new characters in this book, actually. I enjoyed learning about them, but I missed Warren and Ben and the rest of the pack too, though Honey did tag along on this European adventure. It was a nice break from the usual Mercy book, but I'll be glad when the next one comes around and we are back to our Pack.

As with most UF books, Mercy and Adam's relationship is at the forefront of the books, at least the later ones. And, rightly so. They have probably the most stable and equal relationship in all of the UF series I've read. It's refreshing to read. They are secure in their relationship, they are secure in the other's abilities. Mercy knows Adam can take care of himself. Much to Adam's wolf's chagrin, he knows the same about Mercy. Their relationship is one of the best parts of not only this book, but this series. Even though they don't spend a lot of time together in this book, the love and respect they have for one another shines through like a beacon. It's a nice change of pace from the power struggles, angst, and doubt from some other UF series. Like any couple, they aren't without their struggles, Mercy's penchant for attracting chaos chief among them, but they have absolute faith in each other. They are one of the best and most underrated UF couples out there right now.

The best part of this series is our heroine, Mercedes Thompson Hauptmann. She is one of the best Urban Fantasy women there is, right up there next to Mac from Fever and Merit from the Chicagoland Vampires series. In my humble opinion, at least. Mercy's skills and power are both on display in this book and it really makes the book, in my opinion. As the books go on, we learn more and more of Mercy's abilities inherited from Coyote. This book showcases those powers. I don't want to go into anymore detail than that because of spoilers. But, Mercy proves that she is a force to be reckoned with all on her own. She doesn't need Adam or the Pack or her cadre of Tri-Cities supernaturals to get herself out of danger. Mercy is a fierce and determined woman. She's everything a UF heroine should be.

​Well, that's it lovely readers, those are all of my (non-spoilery) thoughts on the latest installment on the Mercy Thompson series. Where do Mercy and Adam go from here? I guess we'll have to wait and see. What did you think of the book? Are you looking forward to reading it? Let me know below!


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