The Hotties of Hamilton: King George Edition

In case you didn't know, the Wenches love some good Man Candy. We also realized that we haven't done nearly enough Man Candy posts lately. So, in an effort to fix this, we are back again today for yet another edition of the Hotties of Hamilton. Today's man candy will focus on the four King Georges. And, because I'm a sucker for a talented man, along with delicious pictures, you will also be treated to a bunch of YouTube clips showcasing these gentlemen's enormous talent. You can see the other two Hotties of Hamilton posts here and here. If you are as obsessed with Hamilton as Head Wench Barb and I are, you should definitely check those out. If you've already seen them (and don't want to have another look), follow me after the jump to objectify Hamilton's four royals.

First up, is the very first King George III, Brian d'Arcy James, who played the mad royal in the off-Broadway production. He's a native to my home state, Illinois. He's starred in numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. You may have also seen him in the movie Spotlight. He also played Shrek in Shrek the Musical, which you can see on Netflix!
Look at those eyes!
I am digging this outfit.

I love his hair.

Here he is singing a song from Shrek.

Next up, is Jonathan Groff, the original Broadway King George, or as the cast calls him, King George the third the second. You probably recognize Jonathan Groff from Glee, HBO's Looking or The Normal Heart. Or, if you have kids, he's the voice of Kristoff in Frozen. If you are a theatre nerd, he was the original Broadway Melchior in Spring Awakening. Among all of his credits, I'm sure you've seen him in something!
Disney Prince Groff

Bad Boy Groff

Super Buff Groff

Singing and Tap Dancing Groff!

Third on my list is, you guessed, it King George the Third, the Third, also known as Andrew Rannells. He played our favorite mad King when Groff had to briefly leave the show to do some filming. Andrew is a fairly new Broadway star. He originated the role of Elder Price in The Book of Mormon, which if you haven't seen or listened to, I HIGHLY recommend. Assuming, of course, that you aren't easily offended. It's written by the South Park guys after all. He also has a recurring role on the TV show Girls, and did a lot of voice acting for children's shows when he was a child himself. So, his voice may sound familiar.

Look at that face!
I just can't even with that smile.

I can't resist a man with a beard.

Nailing his big number at the Tony's

Finally, we have our newest King, Rory O'Malley, or King George the Third, the Fourth. Rory is an even newer Broadway star. He was Andrew's co-star in The Book of Mormon, playing the role of Elder McKinley. He was nominated for a Tony award for his performance. Rory also had a role in a play called 8, which is about the overturning of California's Proposition 8. He is a co-founder of a gay rights activism group called Broadway Impact. Hot, talented, and involved in charity work. What's not to love? Rory was also given the distinguished honor of taking over hosting duties for Lin-Manuel Miranda for the Ham4Ham shows.

What an adorable little cupcake.

Rory and his husband!
He looks amazing with a beard...though I may be biased.


Singing one of my favorites at a benefit

Before I go, I'm going to leave you with two more videos purely for my own enjoyment.

The Schuyler Georges, my favorite Ham4Ham of all time.

Rory's coronation into the Order of the Garter

Well, that's all I've got for you for the King George Edition of The Hotties of Hamilton. Maybe someday, I'll update this with more King Georges. Until then, let me know who your favorite George is below!


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