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A few Wenches are still working their way through some pretty lengthy tomes, while others are enjoying lighter fair. New releases from favorite authors, rereads in preparation for new releases, and killing time until the next new release, are the themes of the week. 

Click through to see who's reading what, and share your reading list in the comments below!

Amanda:  Guess what?!...I'm still reading A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. It's been a hectic summer, and I just sneak it in whenever I can! 

Angela: I was on holiday for a week, so managed to get a couple of books off my list. Soulless (Parasol Protectorate #1) by Gail Carringer. I'm intrigued enough to give book two a go although the book was a little romance heavy for my liking.  Also finished Why Mermaids Sing (Sebastian St Cyr #3) by C.S. Harris and this series is just starting to hit it's stride.  I can't wait to see what murder Sebastian has to investigate next and I'm still guessing until the big reveal who the murderer ends up being. I've now moved on to Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Yes, Zee, I'm determined to read all his work, book by book. Enjoying it so far.

Barb: I finished Cursed Moon (Prospero's War #2) and thoroughly enjoyed. I love Jaye Wells's dark, gritty world and her use of imagery is superb. Look for a full review closer to release date. While I wait for Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) to release in one week, and Blood Games (Chicagoland Vampires #10 !) to release the week after that, I'm rereading CLV, from House Rules through Wild Things, or however far I get. I've also read the first five chapters of Silver Shadows, here. This one is going to hurt, I just know it! I'll be checking my tissue stash before next Tuesday.

Beta: One would think that with all the rain we've been having here I would use the opportunity and glue myself to the couch and swear to read, the whole read and nothing but read so help me Book God. But no. It's been a busy month and I haven't done much reading but I have started reading An Echo in the Bone although, on this current reading speed, it's going to take a while. Like that's a big surprise!

Care:   I'm back!  I'm back!  I'd been out of town for ten days, and it's really hard to update properly on a borrowed laptop when you're out of town, and your kid isn't sleeping right...  Makes it hard to get any reading done, too!  But, I've made up for it this week, reading both Kelley Armstrong's finale to Women of the OtherworldThirteen, and also Diana Gabaldon's Outlander.  Up next... I have to figure out if I'm going to go straight on to Dragonfly in Amber, or if I'm going to veer off for a few and study up a little with The Mislabeled Child - Happy Parenting Gifted Children Week, all!

Donna: I just finished Robert Galbraith's new detective novel, The Silkworm. It was a fitting sequel to the first story about private detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant, Robin. The Silkworm tells the tale of a grisley murder, with enough suspects to keep the reader in suspense until the big reveal. I loved it!

Kathi: I didn’t read much this week. I’m forcing myself to slow down my reread of Written in My Own Heart’s Blood and tend to a few other things, like gardening and watching all the previous seasons of Sons of Anarchy. (I finished season 1.) In addition to working a lot of overtime. I’m getting enough Outlander teasers and trailers from Starz that I’m not feeling deprived! 

Merit:  I am stillreading this futuristic fairytale saga- The Lunar Chronicles. After reading Cinder, I continued with the 2nd book: Scarlet, which is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood story. In that one we find Scarlet, her Grandmother and her big bad (?)Wolf. Now I am at the end of the 3rd book: Cress, who is imprisoned on a satellite instead of a tower, yes, Rapunzel comes to mind. I like the characters, the action and the politics in the story.

Zee: I have read, and LOOOOOOVED, The Others by Anne Bishop. I NEED the next book. NEED. I then read Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan. I downloaded it onto my Kindle ONLY because I read "hot English guys who shift into dragons"... While there was a lot of stuff I found ridiculous, it wasn't that bad! Too short though. I don't get why it needed to be divided into installments. Started The Question Of Palestine by Edward Said. And Wallbanger by Alice Clayton which I AM LOVING. Completely over the top! Hilarious and sexy! PS- I am so happy you are making your way through the Gaimanverse Ange!


  1. Zee, you don't know how happy it makes me that you enjoyed The Others. It's such a great book.


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