Fangirl Fridays - Must Love Shoes

Well, I know people say that diamonds are a girl's best friend but I strongly disagree. You see, your wench here is a shoe maniac (all 6ft of me), and this FF is dedicated to my humble collection of my darlings. BUT these are not all of them, OH NOOOOOOOO, just the best of. Also, I LOVE boots and sneakers, too. Make no mistake, if it's footwear I <3 it. In order to make this post of a normal length (let's face it, I can make it longer than War&Peace :D), I had to cut my losses. So, boots and sneakers were totally dropped.

Follow me through the jump and I'll spill all my dirty secrets about my love of shoes!

Of course, one must be a little snobbish when speaking of shoes. However, I can't go all the way MEGA SNOB because my income doesn't allow me to shop for some big names in the shoe industry. So, this snobbism is based on what I like or don't like.  LOL

I love all my shoes, some of them are a few days old, and others a decade or more. The key is to take care of them. To clean them, keep in their protective boxes and use special brushes or cloth for a specific shoe.

All my outfit planning starts with shoes. First I buy the footwear and then everything else!! Now, mind you, I don't buy just any pretty shoe, OH NO! There are some factors that have to be fulfilled. For starters, I have to like them. Secondly, they have to fit - perfectly. You see, I'm size 9 1/2 (European 41) and it ain't easy findin' that size. Also, all shoes I buy have to be stable and comfortable. What's the point of pretty shoes if they hurt your feet so much you can never show them off. Next comes the price. I'm not wealthy so I have to plan my purchases. If they are overly expensive then I save money and it's all the more pleasurable when I finally have them in my grabby hands. However, if there is a sale somewhere, I'm there baby!!

Before we start, let's do a little warm up with the song that loves shoes...

 Let's start...

These beautiful, black, suede pumps are one of my oldest babies. They are the first shoes I bought with my own money. They are comfortable and classy. They make my jeans and skirts look classy.

Next come the sexy, rock and roll, leather stilettos. I LOVE wearing them on jeans. They give a smexy sway to my hips and my outfit gets that lil' somethin' somethin'.

These next ones were a long time search. You see, I've always wanted to have red shoes, but I could never find the ones I could wear to work and for drinks with friends. Well, until I saw these...beautiful, red, suede pumps. And the rest was history!!

I've always wanted to have t-strap pumps so when I found them it was love at first sight. Black, suede pumps are incredibly comfortable and make any outfit look professional and sophisticated, and I love the fact that I can practically walk all day in them.

My next love was actually a sale find. And what a find they were, beautiful, suede, brown and blue pumps. Also very comfortable and sophisticated with a note of sexy in your walk.

OMG these grey stilettos are soooooo sexy and comfy. I love them on jeans!! I have long legs but these babies make them even longer!! They are perfect for winter and autumn partying!!

OK so these are green and suede stilettos and I fell for them right away. The grey ones made my legs longer but these make them neverending-sky-is-the-limit-legs.

Every self respecting shoe-lover has to own a few pairs of ballerinas. These flats make your outfit look cute and interesting and your feet are comfortable.

And here we come to warmer weather and open shoes - sandals.
I love wedge sandals, they are comfortable, cute and casual. For starters, here are my very adorable and comfy beige, ankle-strap, wedge sandals. 

Next come these denim lovers - dark blue, sling-back, wedge sandals. When I saw them in the shop window I had to have them. I wear them on jeans and denim [mini] skirts. They always amaze and perform. :D

Strappy sandals are the sexiest thing in the universe and I LOVE THEM THE MOST!! My brown wedge beauties are really high and sexy while also comfy.

Next strappy sexiness comes in the form of eternal black high heels. These make all women feel like they own every room they walk into while wearing them.

I bought these for a cousin's wedding. It wasn't easy finding a dress to do them justice. Blue ankle-strap high heel sandals that make you feel cute and desirable at the same time. I just had to buy them, my feet rejoiced when I tried them on so that was that - I bought them.

So one might think I would stop by now, but hold your horses, we still have miles to go...
Brown sexiness is just that - SEXY!! These make your legs smokin' hot!!

Some sandals are hottness, some are sensible and others are romantic. These black d'orsay sandals make you want to dance in a ballroom wearing a beautiful dress and Idris Elba in a three-piece tux. :D

Romance can come in black or, as these next beauties, ivory. I bought these for a friend's wedding. She divorced, but I still have my shoes.

Beige is a very grateful colour. And if it comes on cuteness like these wedge sandals all the better. Extremely sexy and comfy, you can wear them to a club or to work, they are that cool!

The next pair was a gift. I call them my pin-up shoes. Super sexy, especially on skin-tight skirts. They transform you into a pin-up girl.

Drum roll please!! The last but not the least in today's post are... the everyday flats. I have them in all shapes, colours and sizes. I can't pick my favorites because it's an impossible task for the likes of me!!

So, finally we've reached the end. I know - sad, right!?!? I tried to make the best selection and I still feel like I should have included my boots and sneakers. Damn! What do you think??

Anywho, the conclusion is that you should have a love affair with your shoes. If you truly love them they will return that love ten times. They know you are beautiful, cute, charming and sexy and help you enhance that, you walk taller, more confident and self-assured. They are that magical charm that brings out all that amazing self you've hidden.


  1. I too am a shoe addict. Unfortunately, due to recent ankle related problems, I can no longer wear the majority of my shoes (my Easy Spirit sneakers make it possible for me to leave the house!). However, I can't bring myself to get rid of my shoes because the majority of them are (drum roll please) Nine West! I have a pair of blue suede, a pair of gray suede, black suede, two pairs of slingback sandals, to name but a few. I've had these shoes over 20 years (if I ever get to a point where I can wear them again, they'll have to be stretched), and they're my babies!

    1. Sorry to hear about you ankle! I'm sure you'll be able to wear them again!! :)

      The beige sandals in the post are Nine West!! I love their shoes!!

  2. Wow, so many gorgeous shoes you have Shau!! Loved the post and really makes me wish I could wear pin heels! :)

  3. I'm too clumsy. The words elegant, graceful and sexy for instance are not what comes to your mind if you saw me trying to walk in pin heels ;)
    But I can wear high heels if they're bigger... but oh my, my back and feet afterwards :รพ

  4. AGH Vale! LOVE YOUR SHOES!!! The blue and suede ones and green and suede ones are awesome!!! I too, love shoes! And bags. I have way too many bags lol.

    1. Thanks Zee!! I love bags too. Maybe bags are your next FF?! :)


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